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21+Signs Your Husband Has a Crush On Another Woman

Married is a beautiful relationship and blessing and the couples promise each other to be loyal, but sometimes loyalty is questioned. if you found some signs your husband has a crush on another woman, this paranoia could drive you further apart. Your fear could cause more conflict and drive a man further away.

The answer to all these relationship issues is sorted over here. Women mostly face this problem that their husband gets attracted to other women at the workplace, colleagues, friends, or others.

To make the picture clear let’s have a look at signs your husband has a crush on another woman. It is observed that women when attending parties with husbands, continuously keep an eye on them because they felt that something is going wrong.

Crushing and cheating are two different things. Having a crush on women doesn’t mean that your husband is cheating on you. Crush is a feeling attracted by someone’s personality. It is a completely common thing to attract other women for men, even being in a relationship

According to human behavior experts, an emotional affair with another woman is the beginning of the death of personal marriage life and this slippery road ends in divorce.

Even if you are living a peaceful married life, but still, some unexpected attractions are going with you by side. Although you keep on ignoring them, again and again, they appear like Halloween.

Although both are committed to each other to maintain a balanced relationship it seems to be difficult. In this article, we will discuss different points that will show you that your husband has a crush on other women.

How to be sure that your husband is attracted to another woman? | Signs that you must check through!

No doubt, getting married to someone and being loyal to her is quite difficult. You may face a  lot of challenges throughout your relationship.

Getting ignored by your husband is not good for your relationship. Tier are many possibilities for changing the behavior of your husband.  Maybe he is having an off day or maybe he is avoiding you.

Let’s explore the signs that your husband is attracted to another woman!

1. Husband Continuously Talking About Her

Husband Continuously Talking About Her

During the conversation, he continued talking about her. This is the indication of a red alert that your husband has an interest in her. This HER may be his office colleague, friend, or any relative.

Whenever you complain or try to forbid your husband not to discuss her, he will start assuring you that there is nothing to be threatened for you and he will always try to be decent and gentle. Secondly, he will always find excuses for discussing her in every conversation.

2. Phones become locked and more personal

Whenever your husband has a crush on another woman, he will spend more time talking to her via phone mostly at night. Secondly, he will keep his phone always with him either in his hand or pocket. Whenever you ask the reason, he mostly tells you about the office meeting and officials’ calls.

Lastly, whenever, you want the phone, either you will find it locked or the call log will be empty.

3. Shows less importance in you

If your husband has an attraction to other women, then surely he will show less interest in you. The romance and affection he previously has with you. This is the beginning of the weaker bonding between you and your husband.

4. Always help her

Always help her

When your husband defends another woman shows that your husband has a crush on other women is that he will always be ready to help her in any difficulty. Although at any point you are against her still he will always favor her. He always validates the purpose of why he must back her and tries to show them as being caring and gentle in a welcoming manner.

5. Hides his receipts and bills

The matter he never hides from you before, he begins to hide from you. You will see that many of his bills, receipts, and bank statements become more private to him.

Let’s suppose you luckily go through the receipts and bills and you ask him about the one you are not familiar with, he will give a perfect clarification. On the other hand, if he failed to clarify you, he will guilt you for not trusting and searching his matter.

6. Becomes Defensive and edgy

It is commonly seen that whenever your husband has a crush, her will become defensive about everything you ask him nowadays. He describes you as being covetous.  Moreover, he forbade you to stop being suspicious and always get you responsible for the whole thing. He gets annoyed certainly at minor things you ask from him or do alone.

7. Avoids Intimacy and Closeness with you

When your husband is attracted to another woman, he tries to avoid closeness and kissing you. If your husband has emotionally attached, he may avoid having sexual relations with you. The reason is that his mind is already occupied emotionally and sexually with another woman’s feelings and wants some distance from you.

8. New Dressing Style

Unexpectedly, your husband has renovated the way he costumes and outfits and starts wearing stuff he doesn’t use before. Let’s suppose your husband does not like sunshades but unexpectedly he starts wearing sunshades and sunglasses. This shows that he is attempting to attract someone’s attention.

Now it is up to you how you discover the main cause.

9. The upsurge in Work Commitment

Another alarming situation for you is when your husband starts leaving exactly on time or early for work and comes late from work. This situation shows that many pretty female coworkers might be around him.

From time to time if you ask the reason for this transformation in work approach, your husband will possibly reply irritably that you are suspicious and be more helpful.

10. Lies about his Location

One of the signs your husband has a crush on another woman is when he is not there where he told you. Moreover, he will spend more time doing any task outdoors at home. Most commonly husbands lie about their locations when they are surprised appealing in mysterious deeds.

11. Questions about Your Devotion

Acknowledging how simply one can get pulled into another person, he could get over desirous. Since he is seeing somebody outside doesn’t demonstrate he is prepared to permit you to leave.

He actually needs you everywhere and would feel upset if grasps you with another person. Blame now and again can make him inquire about your dependability.

12. Downloading her Photos

It is surely an alarming situation and one of the signs your husband is interested in another woman is to see many images of a specific lady on your husband’s phone. It shows that your husband is attracted to her. In addition to the phone, his computer was also full of pictures of that particular lady.

13. Visiting her social media accounts

When your husband confides in another woman has to have a connection with another woman, you will find that he started liking every of her picture on social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook and also write flirty commentaries on her pictures.

14. Avoids You

Avoids You

You will be surprised when you notice that your spouse who wants to spend every minute with you and loves those moments is now dodging you little by little. Whenever not at home, he begins to ignore your calls.

In addition, if your spouse is not comfortable even attending your call, then there is something wrong. This is usually a slow process but it goes to the wrong side if not handled at the right time.

15. Flirty feelings with other women in your company

This may happen that your husband saw another woman he has some feelings for when you both might go out together. Your husband touches her with flirty feelings even in your presence. If you ask him the reason for all this behavior, he started convincing you that is just his general attitude headed for women.

Human behavior experts say that if the same is happening regularly, then it is an alarming situation and you must trust your perception because it shows that your husband has a crush on another woman.

16. Becomes very mysterious

Another sign that shows that your husband has feelings for another woman is that he starts to hide calls or emails. He makes all his content private with a PIN because he does not show you that he is getting fascination with another woman.

Moreover, when you want to have a talk about his different mysterious lifestyle, he tries to satisfy you with arguments.

17. Comparing you with other women

If your husband started likening other women or comparing you with other females, then you should be alert because it signs your husband is interested in someone else.

You must examine the other women very well that is why he is comparing you with others.  This situation is indicating you that your spouse has feelings for other women outside.

18. Shows maximum interest in you

Does my husband fancy another woman can be judged if your spouse suddenly shows excessive interest and attention? It may happen that he will buy more gifts than usual for you and this will surely amaze you. You must be alert that he is doing all this so that you won’t get suspicious.

19. Paying special attention to himself and his physical health

Since your marriage, your husband never joined a gym but suddenly he started visiting a gym and trying hard to change his physique to look like a bodybuilder and it will surely impress or attract someone else. You must be cautious and try to discover the reason why this happens.

20. Overly Nervous around you

If you are married to a normal man, then there is no reason that your spouse feels nervous or acts jumpy around you. But if this happened more often, then this situation is one of the signs your husband has a crush on another woman. He may act in a defensive manner and try to hide his guilt.

21. Skip Family Functions

Skipping family functions and parties is also a sign that your husband has a crush on another woman. This is because he wants to spend that time with someone else. He made a number of excuses. If he is missing again and again, then this is an alarming situation for you.

Let’s find out the common reason why a man got attracted to other women? –

Top 10 reasons for Man cheats!

When a women fall in love, she looks forward to a long, supportive relationship. But, when a man cheats on her, she got very distressed and disappointed. At that time, it was a common question that a girl may ask why his man cheats on her when she was so loving and loyal to him.

Let’s find out some common reasons why men cheat!!!!!

1. Liar

Men mostly speak lies because they have no intentions with a single woman despite the promises. Such men show no interest in a monogamous relationship. All such men want to go out with many women.

2. The EX-girlfriend is around you

An ex-friend can drag the attention of your husband toward her. Maybe at the workplace or at the family function or at the market store, the presence of an ex-girlfriend can compel your man to cheat on you.

3. Insecurities

Whenever a man feels uncertain, he will lose confidence. This will take him to another woman that he desired. Don’t be over-secure about your life partner, give him personal space to enjoy his life. It is also seen that feeling of getting old realize that you are not attractive like a young man.

4. Immaturity

Immaturity is also a cause of speaking a lie. Some men do not understand the importance of relationships, they have no idea what is necessary to be married. But, cheating with your life partner may have a bad result.

5. Irrational Expectations

Some men only think of themselves. They do not care what their partner thinks or what others feel. Such men deny the fact that their life partner is also a human and wants respect and love. Men of this type continuously cheat their partners.

6. Addiction

Addiction in men is of various types. Some are sex-addicted, others may be alcoholic or drug-addicted. Sex-addicted men when not satisfied from wife, cheat on their life partners for sexual desire from other women. The same is the case of alcoholic addiction.

7. Less Male friends

Male friends are very important because they guide you in many difficult situations that you never handle alone. However, if you expect your wife to act like a male friend, she might not be able to do. Thus they will cheat to get attention from someone else.

8. Revenge

Sometimes just to take revenge, a man starts cheating on his life partner. This situation becomes more severe when a man is angry for no reason and his wife asks different questions. In the most critical situation, the affair becomes visible and makes life too obvious.

9. Depression and Anxiety

According to human behavior experts, a normal man may cheat when he is under depression or feeling anxiety due to some workload or other domestic problem. Sometimes, when he gets ignored by his wife, he will feel depressed.

But either with depression or anxiety, a man will cheat not only on a life partner but also on others.

I hope, after reading these exclusive signs your husband has a crush on another woman, you will better evaluate your husband’s activities and thinking.

What are the possible scenarios of cheating in a relationship?

According to a survey, 20% of males and 14% of females commit cheating in any form. But either male or female, both always excuse for cheating. Cheating may be in any form. It has various forms but among all other forms 2, most forms are Mental cheating and Physical cheating.

1. Mental Cheating

It is the form in which you disclose some private matters or personal matters to others. But when are emotionally cheating on your partner, you will lie with the wife. Because you will feel that a specific person other than the wife is very supportive and kind to you.

The main reason for mental cheating is the communication gap or less communication between you and your partner. It may happen when a man feels that his life partner is not understanding him.

2. Physical Cheating

Physical cheating is nowadays very common in our young generation. Most people are involved in physical cheating. It involves that you are going out not with your partner just for sexual intercourse or simple kissing.

In physical cheating, both behave according to their needs and desires. The need may be other than sex. Make it clear that physical cheating may involve mental cheating but no physical cheating is involved in mental cheating.


Crushes and falling in love with another woman is a common things nowadays. To overcome it, you must have patience and love inside you. Fighting, dominating, and spying can lead to destroying your relationship.

It is only and only true and intimate love that can compel the partner to attract her wife. Here we mention some signs your husband has a crush on another woman to make you aware of the upcoming, towards your relationship.


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