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How To Keep Your Husband Attracted To You – Use these 36 Ways

Looking to be more attractive to your man keeps your relationship strengthen. What a beautiful intention to go to keep your husband attracted to you while giving him a naughty look, and pulling him nearer to you. Over time, it’s not uncommon for the passion, sexual tension, and romance to dwindle in a relationship.

when you are with a person for a long time, things might begin to feel monotonous and predictable. The passion seems to fizzle out and you can wind up wondering to make your partner tend to be attracted.

if you are looking for How To Keep Your Husband Attracted To You, then this article is for you. Keep on reading!

Ways To Impress Your Husband

Ways To Impress Your Husband

I know over time, the passion and feeling do not seem like before. if you think you are losing the attraction of your man towards you, it can be rekindled. No matter the circumstances, you can make him more passionate to get attraction toward you by sparking his interest, flirting, and improving yourself.

you are in a loving, caring relationship, but you can’t help but wish that he still wanted you the way he did at the beginning, below we discuss the tips to impress your husband. We also talk about how to impress nerd guys in another article. Hopefully the top secrets will interest you.

1. Show Your Dressing

if you are looking for how to keep your husband attracted to you, One of the best ways to impress your husband is by dressing and wearing fitted clothes. Use clothes that perfectly match your figure and best match your husband’s desire.

You must comb your hair using body spray with a pleasant smell. Boost your appearance and regular hair cut and update your arms and legs waxed.

2. Up to Date knowledge

Husband often likes those women that know about what is happening in the now a day world. Husband, like the woman who has viewpoint/suggestion point on essential decisions, will keep her engaged in important decisions.

Read the newspaper and see the Informative channel to be updated and ready for supporting the husband in upcoming/ future matters/decisions.

3. Must be Independent

Brave and independent women are like their Husbands. They feel proud of having such women as a life partner because they have the will to perform all of the life burdens to be passed alone.

Without disturbing their husbands on daily matters and without seeking help from their husbands in their everyday issues.

4. Care of Your Health

One of the best ways to attract your husband is the maintenance of your hygiene by taking exercise and making yourself fit and good-looking for your husband. In this way, the husband attracts more toward you.

If you know how to keep your husband attracted to you, and you remain active after having a household work of the day because exercise increases your stamina and you live a happy life.

5. Cook Special for Him

You have to cook something special for your husband and tell him that this dish is especially for you. In this, he feels the love and your care about him.

This is a positive sign for you to live a better life, which one deserves. And if your husband is involved with you in cooking, then it is more good for you to have fun.

6. Show Your Interest in His Preferences

You have to show interest in similar to your husband’s interests, like watching movies. This is a great sign to attract your husband for lasting love.

And you have to show your husband that your liking and disliking are the same and this way he feels that one of the cutest girls he becomes married to that. Also

7. Show Your Love

Show Your Love

On each day, you show your love to your husband with different styles and make him realize that you love him a lot. Do special for him like hugging him from back when he ready to go for office.

Whenever he is sick takes care of him, and his healthy diet is also the responsibility of a good wife.

8. Arrange a Special night for love

You have to arrange a schedule to spend time together at home, or a fancy place outside that raises your love. Share your love and makes plans in silence, both sitting together and feeling relaxed, and enjoying yourself.

9. Initiate first

You must have to make the initial step and start your love with your husband. Show your husband that you love him by hugging him and kissing him. So that you both feel fantastic.

This helps you to make your love long-lasting, and you must participate with your husband during body love. This gets you to enjoy the most beautiful love.

10. Surprise Your Husband

Every wife should have to do this for their husband that does something special for him that shows appreciation to her husband. Surprise your husband by purchasing a nighty for your husband and wearing it for your husband when you are free alone with your husband.

And make your husband surprised with these things so that your love becomes updated to a rising level time by time.

11. Warm Bath Together

If you want to know how to keep your husband attracted to you, one of the ways is, Get your husband with you and take a shower with him. Prepare your husband to open your clothes before taking a shower.

And start taking a shower with turn on the shower. Rub his back while taking a shower. This type of activity is a better chance to attract your husband to raise love.

12. Massage Him

One of the best ways to attract your husband is to relax with a massage on his back by using oil. By this, he forgets everything about the work burdens of the day and feels happy and sees you with lovely eyes on you.

This way, you spend the whole time close to each other. And this takes hours and both you feel relaxed and get more comfortable.

13. Right Touch To Get Him On

Know how to become your husband be in a romantic mood. Mainly by touching him to get turned on your husband in an emotional feeling.

14. Kiss On His Ear

Kiss on your husband’s ear and in this way he gets emotional toward you in a serious matter. With the use of your tongue bite on the upper of the neck. Deep breathing on his ear will drive to him a very romantic.

15. Make use of Neck

 To get emotional to your husband peck the front and back of your husband’s neck. The neck is a sensitive place where your husband gets emotional quickly.

Massage him on his back includes shoulder massage. This increases the blood flow in his body and relaxes him. You can do extra while massaging him like kissing him on his back.

16. Make use of His Head

Use your husband’s head while kissing him softly and shake your hands in his head and in this way he feels straightforward and romantic and your massage makes him relaxed from all tensions.

17. Use of Chest

On starting to play with your husband’s body you must play with your husband’s chest by touching and moving your finger on that and biting on your husband’s chest that makes this moment awesome.

18. Massage on His Butt

Make your husband emotional by massaging on his butt that he may feel awesome and get attracted to you.

19. Use of Foot

By using massage on his foot is a useful way of getting relaxed to your husband. And all these things make your husband’s mood so romantic, and he wants you closer to him.

20. He Feels Inner Thigh

This all makes your husband’s mood so deep feeling in his body, and you massage the weak points of your husband and explore his areas that he may feel a lot of pleasure.

This is all you have to be done with confidence and start your first move and impress him with your message by using a shameless way with your husband and exploring his body in the whole massage. And this makes your time more pleasurable, and your husband feels relaxed.

How To Be Attractive For Him

How To Be Attractive For Him

We discuss here how a husband is attracted to her.

1. Complete your Eight-Hour Sleep 

if you want to know How to keep your husband attracted to you, For looking attractive, you have to complete your rest in eight hours. Because if your sleeping time is less than eight your face never shows attractiveness and your body is not relaxed and this way your face impression shows your body condition.

These all are negative signs for your husband because your red eyes also show that you feel not well. So try to complete your sleep time daily. Whenever your sleeping time is well you feel good and your husband attractive to you because of your activeness.

2. Be Polite

Must politely speak with your husband with a soft sound. Never to be shout at your husband, this will release a negative impact on your marriage life and your relationship is not in a good position. That causes a disturbance in your house so be sure and avoid such type of misbehaving.

Because when you both respect each other, your house environment also disturbs that release a negative impression on your children.

3. Walk and Stand confidentially

You have to stand and walk straight while walking that looks like a shining lady not to act like a lazy girl with a loosehead. When you are straight during walking and standing, you are more confident. And your face attract your husband to you

4. Eye to Eye Contact

Get in touch with your husband by looking into his eyes while talking. It shows your husband that you are listening to him and involving him seriously during the conversation.

5. Be Feminine with Him

The husband likes to desire that his wife is caring for him. They want their life to be supportive at every stage of their lives. They feel needed from their wives and also help and advice related to life matters.

6. Give Him Space

You must have to provide a space for your husband like some time they use to spend time alone and do not annoy him about doing this.

Ways To Have Great Pleasure In Bed

Ways To Have Great Pleasure In Bed

If you want to have a great time with your husband, you have to work for it to get real happiness.

1. Wear Fancy Lingerie

Wear a dress that best suits your body type and well matches your personality. The main thing here is that it is best similar to your husband’s wishes because every husband has a desire to see in his wife something new and unique that makes him far from other girls. You might also want to read 10 things guys wish girls knew.

2. Wear his Dress

The thing for your husband pleasurable is to wear his dress to turn him on for love. Use hot lingerie with the shirt of your husband wearing you and remains a button open.

This gets a new idea of love for your husband. He was shocked by this type of love’s expressions.

3. Talk Openly

Talk with your husband in clear words about how you want love in the bedroom scene. By the use of moving a finger on his body this way, both of you take emotion. Get yourself closer to him and make whisper in his ear.

4. Use of Essential Oil

By the use of essential oil is an excellent way to become show your attractiveness this way, your skin becomes shiny, smells pleasant, and smoother. This attracts your husband more for making love moments awesome.

5. Set the Love Stage

To make your husband ready for the love you have to do some useful steps that attract your husband in a bedroom. You have to dim the room lights with light music playing on them.

And you become ready after taking a warm bath and waiting for your husband in a short dress is fantastic and unforgettable for him. That he surprised with your love affection.

6. Add Seduction and Flirtation to Your Time

Husband likes new surprised by the wife whenever he is surprised with genuine moments it is exciting for him that his wife is participating with him. Therefore, both enjoy a double feeling of love, even if you are married for years.

7. Add Some Foreplay

For gaining a love for a better time if there is an addition of foreplay is added that feels like the surprise moments will get your husband to be shocked to be what happens to the next.

8. Add Strip for Him

You have to do one step for your husband is striptease that focuses to remove your clothes at that time. Keep eye contact with your husband and show your body look to your husband by moving your body in the lap of your husband.

9. Cover Yourself On the Bed and Lie Down

Use your experience to lie down on the bed and hair spread on the pillow and by use of arm keep your breast pushes up Spread your hair across the cushion and cross your arms under your breasts so that you can push them up and show off your cleavage.

This all gets your husband emotional, and he responds to you back emotionally by kissing you. These all are such emotional moments that could not be explained further because they are indescribable.

10. Take the Initial Step

You can attract your husband to you by making romance with him like touching him and hugging him so that he turns on toward you. This way, your husband starts to you well, and you get your desired pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you are fearing about ending your relationship and you are looking for how to keep your husband attracted to you then, I hope these frequently asked questions will help to know what exactly you are looking for.

How do I keep my husband attracted to me?

if you think you are losing your husband intention, you must follow these steps to make him attracted to you:
Be polite it’s too nice a be disastrous
Indulge in sexual exploration
Always be good looking
Respect him
Be his confidence booster

What do you do when your husband isn’t attracted to you anymore?

Just give him space to understand you, practice spending time away from your husband, and also encourage him to do the same. Take him to dinner, spend time with him by going out, and watch the attraction re-emerge.

What words attract a man?

The findings most likely words that help you to meet a partner on dating sites revealed that ‘ambitious’, ‘perceptive, ‘sweet’, ‘hard working’ and ‘thoughtful’ are the descriptions. The most likely to attract male attention online is your loyalty and fast reply and talk to him sweetly.


If you are in a relationship for a long time, it can feel like your relationship is coming to end when your man stops craving you, especially if you have a passionate start to convert to start your relationship. if you want to be reignited by know what he wants in a relationship.

Men only fall in love with women because of how those women make them feel about themselves. This article is full of suggestions on how to keep your husband attracted to you in any case you are losing his attraction.

In this article, I have introduced a fascinating new concept in a relationship that explains how you can tend your man to you.

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