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My Husband is Attracted to Another Woman – Signs, Reasons & Solution

Marriage is a beautiful relationship, but this won’t remain beautiful if your husband turns and looks at other women. It is fair for you to feel hurt and upset when you see your marriage is in danger. If your Husband is Attracted to another Woman, what do you do? Simply, try to look at different signs and reasons, and find a solution.

Every couple faces ups and downs, there are moments when they seem not happy and can be attracted to anyone else. A woman suffers a lot and in such moments and she becomes completely upset. Don’t give up on your emotions, it’s a rule for marriage life, if someone gets into a problem, it will affect both of them.

It is because suddenly:

  1. Her husband started arriving late at home
  2. Her husband is making excuses to avoid answering questions
  3. Husband is avoiding to talk
  4. Her husband compares her with other women

You should understand that Marriage is not a buttercup or honey! A true marriage relationship takes a lot of effort from both sides. Doubts can make your relationship weak. Trust is the main pillar of every relationship if you lack it you may lose your relationship.

To have a crush on someone or get attracted to someone is natural, even after marriage. Beware! This attraction can be the ultimate start of a relationship and your marriage failure. Track your hubby activities and make sure what goes behind the screen.

Being a wife you may feel distressed and unfortunate. Although this attraction does not mean he is cheating you. But, the article’s main idea is how to discover the truth.

You may find that your partner is spending too much time on different online accounts like Facebook, and Instagram, searching for pictures, or chatting with another woman via social media accounts. Many women consider these factors as their husbands cheating in this way.

Here we outline the 6 main signs that solve your query: my husband is attracted to another woman and what to do to bring him back.

Signs of Your Husband’s Attraction to a Different Woman

1. He gets irritated often

He gets irritated often

When a person lacks interest in his wife, he gets angry and offended all time. Being rude and irritating can involve other factors as well. He may suffer from some financial problems or the rental charges bother him.

Ask your husband calmly, why he is behaving so. If he shares the matter then it is good. If he scolds and gets away from you, then the condition that your husband is attracted to another woman implies on you. He gets offended on and off, and you may wonder what’s going on.

2. He put effort into his dressings and look

He put effort into his dressings and look

When your husband is attracted to another woman, there is a 90 percent chance that he wants to attract that woman toward him too. To fulfill his desire, he will definitely change his personality and appearance to be nice-looking toward others.

However, be a little observant in this matter. Have a close look at how he dresses up previously and now. To be impressive, he starts to shave and haircuts frequently. Look at which brands he prefers before and now.

No doubt, it is human nature to change its liking and disliking. But, it may not occur overnight, seek the trigger factor that comes through this way.

3. He ignores you

He ignores you

Human behavior changes gradually. The point on which you can say that my husband is attracted to another woman is that he will try to ignore you as much as he can. The common way is when your husband starts to forget to bring the things you demanded.

He likes to stay on the balcony instead of with you inside the bedroom. He takes no interest in sharing his day-to-day routine. Latenight comings at home and no more fun time with kids and family. If you are a typical wife that checks your husband’s mobile, then he will scold you.

He will offend you because he does not want you to see his phone, especially the call log. He may avoid you by not receiving your phone call when he is out for some work later than usual.

4. He becomes a man with lots of secrets

He becomes a man with lots of secrets

Sharing major or minor secrets is normal for married couples. But if you notice that your husband started hiding from you different messages, calls, or pictures without any reason, then another woman has entered your husband’s mind. In this situation, many men turn conversations and discussions into arguments.

5. He starts comparing you

He starts comparing you

No husband compares his wife with any other woman. But if he does, he involves with another woman. The more often he starts comparing the more he gets attracted and notices the peculiar things to her. If he gets to recover his perception, he fails to relate.

Many women take this comparison in a bold sense and think that they are looking stylish. But in the real sense, he struggles to make your mind off so that you notice nothing.

​6. No time for you

 No time for you

A man that loves his wife and kids spends quality time with them. He likes to have a long drive with you. He mostly plans an outdoor trips and has great fun.

If he reduces the time to spend with you without any reason. He starts saying that I am busy in a meeting, I have to look at these files or he needs some time alone or others.

If you feel he has no time for you then definitely it is one of the main signs that my husband is attracted to another woman.

The signs may vary from couple to couple, before imposing any allegation that your husband is attracted to another woman, make sure about the truth by observing him.

Why Is My Husband Attracted to Another Woman?

Why Is My Husband Attracted to Another Woman?

Every woman wants to save her marriage relationship.  After finding that your husband is attracted to another woman you must query yourself why is he attracted. You may want to decode the real reasons why you lose your priority and love.

Firstly, it is a natural phenomenon “to have a crush on another woman” or develop a feeling of likeness for the coworker and more. But, it is totally under the control of the man to give it a fire or not. Being loyal to his wife and family, he will never dare to indulge in an extramarital relationship.

There are very fewer chances that a married man gets attracted to another woman naturally. Sometimes, it is due to his own wife’s negligence that he starts to attract others.

Question yourself being a wife did you love him? Do you try to make him comfy? Were you there when he needs you? Do you fulfill your duties?   Do you cheer him up?

This is not your case, but most females like to have late-night parties, shopping, and other fun. They remain busy with their homework. If you are a working woman then may you over-indulge with your work.

When men didn’t get full attention from home, they may deviate from their path and start betraying.

Men love to talk to their wives about their day-to-day activities. Their personal, financial, and rental problems. If you seem busy with no time for your husband, then he will feel detached from you.

A woman that has the attitude and no love for his husband can lead to a happily divorced relationship.

If you love your relationship then give affection and time to your husband. You can share your behaviors and dealings with your male friend or coworker to take a third-person opinion on this matter.

He will definitely advise you the same. Before having a query my husband is attracted to another woman – make sure where you lack.

Some other factors in this regard are

How attractive your dressing is? Are you the same girl he use to love? Are you lacking some charms you use to have?

Most females give the excuse of childbirth to not maintain their beauty charm. They are stuck all-time in the kitchen and household activities. While giving no attention to her own personality.

Beauty is the weakness of any man. He attracts the physical beauty of the female. Refresh yourself every day, style your hair, and give a blow to your mind.

Last but not least! What about your sex life? If you resist and don’t allow him to come around you then he may start looking around for his sexual satisfaction.

Make sure these points should not be prolonged if you want to make a love relationship with your husband.

What To Do if My Husband is Attracted to Another Woman?

The way of dealing with and seeing a relationship problem is different from a man’s and woman’s sides. Men can separate their personal and professional life easily. The same is the case when it comes to other women.

It is not very hard to stop your husband from liking others. Simply, be his priority! How is this to be possible? Yes, follow the following points to make your husband crazy about you.

Control Your Emotions

Control Your Emotions

The issue that led to the serious breakdown of the relationship is the breakdown of emotions at the wrong time. If your husband tries to make you understand his point of view on the topic. Don’t outburst at him. Keep patience, first listen to him. Appreciate his point of view.

Later keep your point of view, while showing that you understand his point completely. Being two different personalities, points of view don’t match. It is a natural fact. Disrespecting your husband each time can impose this condition your husband is attracted to another woman.

If you got hurt, hide your feelings, and show that you feel happy. Latterly, when you feel that he is comfortable to listen make him realize your true feelings. I know it is hard, but you have to suffer a little to get back your husband.


You must focus on your conduct, relationship, and marriage. Forget about another woman as it is not your concern. Work on yourself, and fill the loopholes you created in your relationship. If you fulfill these holes then the other woman can never step in.

Grab your husband’s attention towards you. Dress and style yourself. Make time for each other. If he says he has no time for dinner. Then it’s your duty to specially cook his favorite meals so that he can’t resist When you get his attention, express yourself in words. Let him remind the quality time or fun time you spend together. Make him feel loved, happy, and cheering.

Build Your Trust

Show in your conduct that you trust him blindly. Never check his mobile phone or social accounts. Talk to him in a friendly way about that woman. Look what he says and how he expresses himself over it. Don’t fight as if your husband is attracted to another woman, fight is never gonna work.

The more you communicate and give time to each other, the more your relationship gets strong and better. Show that you trust him and no other woman can ever take her place. This trust will guilt inside him and drag him back towards you.

What About the Other Woman How Should I Behave with her?

Whether your husband has a crush, likeness, attachment, or a sexual relationship, the thing is there is another woman between you and your husband. The fact is you love your husband and relationship, you want to save your love unconditionally. But the thing that is vital to mention over here, is don’t get mad over the matter.

Discuss it, give him time. Let him take the decision. If he promises you that he will never be in contact with that woman, and start talking to her later then you have a right to think over it. Never tolerate relationship cheating. Have the courage to face the consequences.

I will never advise you to be in a relationship where your husband cheats on you every day. If he takes the decision to live with you, then be close to him and never let your husband get attracted to another woman. One more tactic you can adopt to show your true feelings to your husband is by writing your whole story on a piece of paper.

Write down “how much he hurts you?  How much you love him? , what have you done yet for him? How much compromising you are?

Keep your words full of love to give a feel of boost that he is losing something worthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of commonly asked questions about relationships and their compatibilities:

What do you do when your husband is attracted to someone else?

Here are some hints of what you should do if your husband is attracted to another woman:
Do not allow this situation to drive distance between you and your spouse. …
Set Clear Guidelines and be polite
Foster Intimacy
Nurture Trust

Why would a married man show interest in another woman?

The married man will flirt with another woman eyeshot his wife. He wants her to see him flirting. Flirt with another woman to make his wife jealous and insecure so that she will overcompensate and fill his needs


Marriage is a delicate relationship. If your husband is attracted to another woman then make efforts to get him back before it’s too late. Although, it is not difficult at all. Simply, follow our guide and make your relationship strong and permanent. I Hope, after going through this article, you will be able to have a clear picture of the signs that “my husband is attracted to another woman“, how to deal with it, and why is he attracted! I hope you get valuable knowledge to improve and resolve your relationship problems.