Love Prank Calculator

Hey Guys! I am presenting a new trick to prank your friends. You may have some fun by using this trick. It will let you reveal the crush or partner names of your friends. Excitingly, there is no complex procedure behind the love prank. It is an easy-to-use Love Prank Calculator inserted in a simple website. You can make love pranks with your friends with a single click. 

This Love Prank Calculator will surely let you reveal the name of your friends’ crush. You can enjoy that it only requires you to send a single link to your friend to check their partner’s name. It has amazing features and an interesting concept. With this exciting Love Prank Calculator, you can easily fool your friends and find out their partner’s name.

love prank calculator

How to Calculate this Love Prank with Friends – Step by Step Guide

With these complete instructions, you will flawlessly use our incredible Love Prank Calculator. By following these steps, it will not be difficult for you to prank your friends. You will easily uncover their secret crush/partner’s name with the help of this Love Prank Calculator. 

Step 1: Open the website <link> and enter your name to generate a unique link.

Step 2: Share this generated link with your friends on any Social Media Platform.

Step 3: Another person will open your fake Love Prank Calculator, thinking it is real.

Step 4: After that, he will put his Name in the first blank and his crush’s name on the second one. 

Only that you need to do! Here he will unintentionally reveal his/her crush’s name in front of you. You can enjoy this love prank by sharing a screenshot of this revealing secret. 

FAQs About Love Prank Calculator

Is this Love Prank Calculator safe to use? 

This Love Prank Calculator is safe to use as it does not require any personal information. 

How does this Love Prank Calculator work?

It works on the basis of algorithms. The algorithms assign numerical values to different letters in a person’s name. Then it adds up these values and generates a percentage score that indicates the results. 

Why do I use this Love Prank Calculator? 

This tool determines the compatibility between two people. You can use it to reveal your friend’s secret to make fun of. It will show his love for his crush by calculating their names or other personal information. 

Is it legal to Use a Love Prank Calculator?

Yes there are no legal restrictions behind this fun filled tool. We are only providing you a platform where you can prank with your friends only for your amusement.

Final Words

This is one of the best Love Prank Calculators I shared with you. It is an amazing and easy way to play With your friends and Prank them by knowing Their Crush’s name. You only have to generate and share a simple link and convince them to reveal his crush’s name. As soon as they enter their names with their crush names, you will get it via Email. Don’t stop for a moment. Try this entertaining Love Prank Calculator Today!