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From Hand to Heart: Lingering Handshake Flirting

Lingering Handshake Flirting is a way of playing with someone so that he/she is unaware of it. Here we discuss some point that describes how to point out that one is flirting with someone.

1. He Maintains eye contact with you

He Maintains eye contact with you

One of the main reasons to check out a man is flirting with you or not. He maintains eye contact with you unusually. That you feel he say something with his eyes to you. Either a flirty man uses his eyes to see you as like a stranger and very deeply, so you shocked ones that what happen to him.

2. He Carefully Listens to you

Whenever you speak with the flirty man, he listens to you very carefully and so even if you talk about an unusual thing he hears as he involves in you. In other words, he shows more care for you.

3. He Often Looks Toward You

Whenever you try to address a flirty man, you feel he is already looking at you before. Whenever you are busy and doing something, he is looking toward you with a dart glance. 

4. He Shares Funny Messages with you

He Shares Funny Messages with you

The flirty man is trying to get in connection with you every time, and in this way, he shares forwarded funny messages with you and also shares flirty messages. 

5. He Tries to Touch You

The flirty man is always trying to find a way to touch you whenever he gets the chance he touches you. In other words, he tries to have stable physical contact with you. He uses a lingering handshake or by placing a hand on your shoulder. The flirty man shakes hands with you and gets your hand in his hand and walks with you in this position.

6. He Notices you carefully

Whenever you get a change in your personality. The flirty man notices what changes are in you now. And tries you make you realize that you are looking so much more pretty with this look.

7. He compliments you

He compliments you

 He tries to praise you on everything and sweetly compliment you to be right in your sight He tries to show him in your eyes as good and tries to use praise words so that you feel proud of yourself.

8. He invites you to all get-togethers

He involves you in all the functions like parties, gets together and birthday parties, etc. He wants with you a coffee together when you reached there. He wants some moment when you are alone with him.

9. He shares jokes with you

A flirty man shares jokes with you, so that makes you happy. And he tries to make you laugh every time; therefore, he acts like these things with you.

10. He helps you

Even a flirty man is trying to help you all the way whenever you need help. He will make an extra effort to get you out of the problem you face. He is available always available for you to do your helps in Many matters.

11. He gets your attention

The flirty man is totally around a girl to keep your attention totally toward him and no flattening in your attention. So he tries his best to involve you in his attention.

12. He Impresses you

The flirty man tries to impress you with his gestures and actions. So that he gets your attention and you start thinking of him all the time. In other words, he tries to hack you. This way he flirts with you and you can notice him if you feel.

We discuss all of the necessary points that denote a flirty man, so you try it in your practical experience and be aware of flirty people before getting heartbroken. 


The act of lingering handshakes as a form of flirting holds significance in social interactions. It serves as a non-verbal cue that can convey interest, attraction, or a desire for a deeper connection between individuals. The duration of a handshake allows for a moment of physical and emotional connection.
It creates an opportunity for further exploration of potential romantic or personal connections. However, it is essential to exercise caution and respect personal boundaries. Yet, all individuals may not interpret lingering handshakes in the same way.
Remember! Understanding and respecting consent and mutual comfort are crucial aspects of physical interaction. Ultimately, handshakes can carry subtle messages of affection, but it is vital to be mindful of the context and the comfort levels of both involved.

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