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HE LIKES ME BUT HAS A GIRLFRIEND – 15 Possibilities why he is with you!

You meet a guy and he is very into you, and you also like him too. But, If you are facing the condition ” Why Does He Likes Me but Has a Girlfriend”, it doesn’t make any sense. Whether you want this guy or not, you are might be about to get hurt.

Why does he feel the need for a relationship with other women; however, he likes you or not? This is a trendy topic in the 20th century as cheating and flirting is so common nowadays. People don’t feel ashamed to adopt these cheap tactics.

However, there are sincere and true lovers as well. Such lovers first break up their previous love relationship. Later they start their next Love. They avoid double-crossing or ditching type’s behavior. But, you must be lucky enough to find such a guy.

Anyways, the following are the top 15 possibilities for the condition under discussion “He likes me but has a girlfriend”.

Friend Zone for you – He likes me but has a Girlfriend

Friend Zone for you
Friend Zone for you

Likeness can develop at any stage of life as it is not limited to a “girlfriend”. Maybe he likes you as a friend. He likes to share and cheer with you instead of his girlfriend. Humans can develop a sense of better understanding and bond.

This can be your case that the boy and you have a mutual understanding of one another that is why he is with you as a friend. His concern, care, and emotions are pure as a friend with you while he loves his girlfriend being in a relationship.

A friend’s company is always a source of happiness and pleasure. It may lessen his anxiety and worry to hold your hand as a friend in his life.

Break up from their Previous Relationship

Break up from their previous relationship
Break up from their previous relationship

Another reason that is common to observe is when a boy expresses his love for one girl while having another girlfriend. Then maybe he just decided to break up his relationship and move on with you.

Yes! Sometimes boys met a girl but after knowing her thoughts, lifestyle, and other factors he may decide to break up and choose someone else. This means a boy cheats on one relation and starts another to be caught red-handed and left with the past.

Taking too Serious the Comments of his Fast Friends

Taking too serious the comments of his fast friends
Taking too serious the comments of his fast friends

Cheating is something that boys do under the comments of their fast friends. One of his friends may say that nothing happens to keep two GF’s at the same time. Maybe one of his friends said that no one is going to tell you’re true girlfriend that you are chasing behind another.

Thus, such type of courage from friends can compel a boy to cheat in a relationship. Moreover,  research shows that boys do such activities as they saw their elders do the same.

Can’t resist the attraction

Love is a feeling that is not under the control of a person itself. Thus, having a girlfriend and still having a feel for someone else is not a mistake of a boy. Maybe he is loyal to her girlfriend but can’t resist the feel or temptation of love for you. This is why he cross his limits and express love to you while already having a girlfriend in his life.

Develop cheating as a habit

Develop cheating as a habit
Develop cheating as a habit

For some boys relationships are just a joke or fun. They make relationships, express love, enjoy with her, and then leave him. Therefore, before you decide to build a relation make sure about his past. If you find him engaged in multiple relationships then for sure he is not sincere with you as well.

Will Never Take a Step to Left Her Girlfriend

Beware of foul games where boys used to portray the negative impact of a girl. This is a trick to make you satisfied and content with such talks. But, not able to make a real move to leave her. You must take a stand and ask him to leave her girlfriend if he is serious about his relationship with you.

Stalk her girlfriend profile!

Stalk her girlfriend profile!
Stalk her girlfriend profile!

If you have confusion about his girlfriend’s relationship status then better stalk her girlfriend on social media profiles. If she is uploading clicks with him then they are still in a relationship and happy. The boy is just pranking with you for his time pass and pleasure.

Frequently Ask for nudes

Boys do have wrong intentions. A girlfriend is the one with whom they want to be sincere and concerned. Except for his girlfriend, he misuses other girls by making them feel they really like you.  The real cheater or flirt person will ask you for nude’s pics more often instead of your day-to-day routine and other concerns.

Immature behavior towards relationship

Immature behavior towards relationship
Immature behavior towards relationship

It is commonly observed that youngsters have a non-serious approach and attitude towards relationships. If you are a teenage girl and going through the condition “he likes me but has a girlfriend”.

Then I recommend that you are too young for it. Teenage is the critical phase of our life because most girls and boys take emotional decisions.

The experts say that you must give time to yourself then think about such decisions in a better way.

It is also noticed that college-going boys and girls believe in love at first sight and naturally during teenage, it is not a self-control phenomenon.

The difference in Relationship Goals:

This may be a point that he likes me but has a girlfriend. This is because the difference in the relationship goals may create flirting nature. Maybe her girlfriend discusses future plans and dislikes this topic, then indeed he will move to other girls to cherish his life.

Second Option!

Suppose you see that he likes you, but still in relation to another girl, then this is a red alert for you. Because it means that your boyfriend is treating you like a second option. If your boyfriend talks to you after her girlfriend slept, then you must understand the whole situation and your importance in his life.

Being a girl, I know no girl would like to be a second priority in a boy’s life.

Wrong Perception that He Likes you!

Wrong Perception that He Likes you!
Wrong Perception that He Likes you!

It is a common mistake that girls make the wrong perception without any thinking. This may happen that you established a wrong opinion about your friend. But, he is actually looking for advice from other female fellows for his girlfriend. He may be getting out of you than just chit chat. It shows that he never wants to lose you.

He gives importance to your opinion in his decisions. Therefore, he discusses some relationship issues with other close friends to take advice. So, never take it as a serious matter, as he needs loyal advice only.

He Likes you But afraid to hurt her girlfriend

There is also a chance that he loves you but got scared to hurt her girlfriend. Maybe she is innocent and the boy develops an unintentional feeling for you. Under such conditions, he is not capable of take any right decision for anyone.  

A famous saying that “Always live your life” and never think about the end. This is because you never know what will happen next or in the end.

Flirt or Timepass

Flirt or Timepass
Flirt or Timepass

There is a possibility that the boy for which you are thinking so seriously actually flirting with you in the absence of her girlfriend. You are just a person to pass his time. He may not clearly say to you that he likes you but indicates through eye contact or holding hands.

For such a condition, try to read his behavior changes in front of her girlfriend. If he ignores you totally then you must recognize your place in his life. Your query saying “He likes me but has a Girlfriend” will be resolved as he is just flirting with you nothing serious at all.



The bodily attraction is an impulsive feel that one can’t resist. The person may like you for his sexual desires towards you. He may be expressive towards you to develop the feeling of love in you to satisfy his lust. Once he accomplished his goals he will leave you with an excuse of being committed to someone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if your crush likes you but has a girlfriend?

Ignore the gossip and whatever “signals” he might be sending your way. Until the guy is single, he is unavailable to you, and backing off is the right thing to do. If he really likes you, he’ll break up with his girlfriend, and let you know that he’s into you.

Why is he pursuing me if he has a girlfriend?

You are new and exciting to him. One of the reasons could be that he’s bored in his current relationship and wants something more exciting and fun to look forward to. That might be why he’s pursuing you if he has a girlfriend.

Can a guy love you but be with someone else?

Yes, He can absolutely fall in love with two people at the same time,” Someone might bring out your confident, sexy side and you’ll love them for it. A second person might make you feel safe, loved, and deeply connected, and you’ll also fall for that person.


The girls facing the condition “he likes me but has a girlfriend” should understand your place in the life of a boy with a girl. Maybe you are just a side role or friend for the boy or maybe he is cheating on his girlfriend.

In both the conditions, stay away from such guys as if he is not serious to one relation how could he be with you.

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