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How to Steal a Girl away from Her Boy | 20+ ways

Are you heartbroken and want to know how to steal a girl from her boyfriend?

Love is the most mesmerizing feeling in the world. Falling in love is not under the control of the person itself. It’s feelings for someone you develop on your own. You can’t resist or make a compromise once you fall in love. But, what if the girl you love loves someone else? Or if she is committed or engaged to another guy?

Love is selfish. You can’t let her go in his way. All you need is to play your cards right to steal a girl. You can find a way into her life and gain that special space in her heart and soul. Adopt the following impressive ways to get closer to a girl.

1. Clear Intention

Clear Intention

Be sure about your intentions and thoughts. You are going to make a new relationship while breaking someone else. This breakup may hurt others. If you intend to play games, flirt or time pass then better to stay away. Girls used to get emotionally dependent on boys. Your bad intentions can spoil a girl’s life that may end in worst conditions such as suicide or others.

2. Do Homework

Do Homework

Before you step towards your goal to learn how to steal a girl? It is important to do some homework. Try to find out how her current relationship is going. Is she happy or having some complications? Make a common observation of how she behaves when she is with his boyfriend. Therefore, asking people or gossiping with others about them will help you to know their current status.

3. Be a Good Friend

Be a Good Friend

The primary step involves in this whole process of stealing a girl’s heart is to be a very good and close friend of hers. A friend’s zone is obviously a little bit tough time for a true lover. But, your struggles will ultimately end in your real happiness.

Make sure don’t try to express your love initially. Friendship will be a time period where you both come to know each other. Remember, you want to steal a girl so she should never come to know your true intentions.

4. Be What She Wants You to Be

Be What She Wants You to Be

If you want to know how to steal from a girl, you must know her liking and disliking, especially if you observe what habits are in her current boyfriend she does not like. So you try to develop only those traits that she likes more.

In this way, you can make her realize that you can do anything for her that her current boyfriend can not do. Moreover, you should observe which type of dress she likes for men. Try to style out in a decent and impressive way each time you met. Perfumes and other deodorant usage can be a plus.

5. Stand By Her

Remember, you want to take the place of someone else’s in her life. So, make sure that she feels special to you. This is only possible if you always stand by her in her tough time. Support her wordy, expressively, and emotionally.  In this way, you can build trust that you are always with her. Never left her and never make her realize of any bad incident. You should stand by her so that a feeling of care and love develops in your girl as well.

6. Understand Her

Let us tell you a favorable point of how to steal a girl. It is human nature that we are automatically attracted to that person whom we think that he understands us.

So using the methodology, you show her that you bother her feelings, and understand her emotions. When you understand her, you will surely provide her with solutions for her problems, and in return, she will respect you and give importance to your ideas.

7. Create Positive Memories

Create Positive Memories

This is a very important tool; positive memories can do anything. So, whenever you talk to her, always chat positively. Whenever you go out, always try to do that activity which you can enjoy. If you want to win the heart of a girl, never argue with her. Arguments always break the relationship because they left a negative impact.

Positive memories, great laughs, fun, and teasing a little bit can make your partner feel fresh and happy. Ultimately dragging her mind towards your presence in her life.

8. See her with her Eye

Read her mind and try to do things accordingly. In other words, you can call it Flirting. Whenever you meet her or chat with her, always try to speak those words that she might like to listen from you. Always speak encouraging words. Such words left a positive impact on her personality on her mind. When she is free, she will surely think of the time spent with you.

9. Maintain contact with other women

Maintain contact with other women

According to the market survey of our young generation, this point is very important. Suppose you want that she will only be yours then never make her realize that you are free for her every time. Make her realize that you have many other girlfriends, so as to create jealousy in her.

Every time availability will make your importance down. To build an impression, just ignore your girl on and off. But, don’t overdo it. Make sure that your girl should get feel that you are a busy person but make time for her.

10. Discussion


Discussion is very useful in order to win the heart of a girl. If you see that girl is feeling bored, then take her to some picnic resort and start discussing with her about her life, job, and pastime hobbies. This will feel her relax and automatically she will contact you in her boring hours.

11. Think of the future

Think of the future

If you are a sexy person, then you can attract any girl by creating sexual tension. Whenever she calls you, talk about the future in a very sexual way to get her relaxed. This will let her think about you and that you are a responsible man. If at any point, she started blaming herself, then you must make her relax by showing her that you are always with her

12. Always go opposite to her current boyfriend

This point is very important in the list of How to steal a girl. The more successfully you understand her current boyfriend, the faster you steal his girlfriend. You must show her the negative picture of her boyfriend. Make her realize that her boyfriend is short-tempered and not trustworthy. You may show her boyfriend pictures with other girls. Make her realize that she has left everything for his boyfriend, but her boyfriend is making fun of her simplicity.

13. Always admire her Beauty

Always admire her Beauty

This is a very beautiful point. If you want to win a girl’s heart, then make this a habit to admire her Beauty. Never use the word SEXY because it sometimes has a negative impact. If you meet her at the party, then you must say beautiful words to praise her Beauty.

14. Do something for her before she asks

Many of us understand this point as to present a gift to her without her asking. But here it means that make a cup of coffee, help her in her tasks, appreciate her, and much more. All such tasks should be done before she asks or when she asks for help. This will leave a positive impression of your personality on her mind.

15. Say thanks to her

Say thanks to her

An expression of gratitude is worth more than anything. If she is helping you with your different daily routine tasks, then you must say thanks and appreciate her presence. Once you do this, for the next time she will double cares for you and never leave you unnoticed.

16. Be the first when she needs help

When you see that things are going terribly for her, be there and stand with her. This is because of your presence, and your voice will act as a life tonic. Always realize that you are not with her so as to use your shoulder to cry. You are with her to make her out of terrible conditions.

17. Random Texts

Always keep her thinking of you by sending random text messages. This will leave a refreshing effect on her mind for you. So the next time, she will send you causal messages like Good morning, have tea, and this will be the start of new life.

18. Speak well about her in front of others

Speak well about her in front of others

In the presence of a girlfriend, speak about her good values, and habits in front of other people. All your talk in her absence will surely reach her in any way. This will make her full of joy when she listens to you in her absence about her good nature. This will surely attract her heart.

19. Try to act as Romantic

Romance is a great trick to catch a girl’s heart. This means whenever someone asks where you will kiss her for the first time, you answer, I want to make that kiss unforgettable. You can make that moment very special and may end by proposing to her in front of others.

20. Be Intentional

Our young generation does not understand this point. If you want to win her heart, then never leave her alone. Invite her to parties, functions, go out to picnic resorts, and other gatherings. Make her introduce him to other members of your family. You gave her time; she will give in return give you her life.

21. Send her old Pictures

If you want to show her that you always think of her, then keep on sending older pictures of some remarkable resorts. Send some of her pictures, that you capture without telling her. She will feel happy to see her random and causal clicks.


Thanks, for reading our article on How to steal a girl from her boyfriend. If you adopt these 20 habits any girl is going to be impressed with you. She will definitely leave her current boyfriend and will be with you forever and ever!

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