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How to Stop Being a Tomboy Best Practical Steps

how to stop being a tomboy

How to Stop Being a Tomboy

Discuss with your friends

Discuss this with your female friend to note carefully that what points reflects in your personality that you are just like a boy. Try to ask her to highlight all of the points that have to update to be a girl.

Self-Reflection – How to Stop Being a Tomboy

You have to improve yourself after noting down the girl closer to you and see changes between you and them. You have to pay attention to your personality be for your attire and mannerisms.

Reinvent your wardrobe:

Firstly you have to review your appearance that you wear clothes like a boy. If yes, you have first to change your dressing from t-shirts to long shirts.

Since it is a big point of being a tomboy and you have to wear clothes like a girl to change your wardrobe with girl’s clothes.

Prepare a list of things that you can change in your way of dressing:

You have to prepare a detailed list of stuff like clothes and some other you use, but now you have to change your appearance, so first thing like a baggy striped shirt and you have to apply the dressing to look, like girls.

Go to the market for dress shopping:

Go to the shopping mall and explore a variety of female clothes and make a selection with colors, especially reds, floral, pinks of various styles, and patterns purchase for your new wardrobe.

Jewelry Shopping | How to Stop Being a Tomboy

Go to a jewelry shop to buy earrings, necklaces, studs, and bracelets to match your dressing. This is a good step that you match your accessories with your clothing and get updated from a tomboy’s title to a pretty girl.

Upgrade your hairstyle with long hair:

You have to upgrade your hair look by growing up your hair. Upgrade your hair look by going to the hairstylist. And give you a good hair look.

Multiple Shoes for Multiple Purpose:

You have to purchase sneakers for gym and workout. The flat slipper matches your clothes and looks decent when you use it. Wedge heels and Stilettos pair is essential for a perfect match.

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Use Different Kinds Of Handbags:

You have to use different handbags for you to go to someplace. It must be with a color combination of four basic shades black, beige, red, and white with a funky green and a funky yellow is the best compliment for your clothes.

See your walk Style | How to Stop Being a Tomboy

You have to walk straight in a graceful position that makes you realize that feeling relaxed because when you walk in a hunched style, you look ugly this has to improve you just to stay straight your body while walking.

Improve your Sitting Position:

You have to improve your style of sitting by sitting on any place close your legs, and you can relax with crossed legs. And not to sit in a position that there is a gap between your legs.

Notice your Friends:

You must keep notice your female friends and upgrade yourself because many female copies other females and try to get their style in them. You have to copy their manner of dressing, their style, and also a mannerism.

Purchase Little Black Dress:

You have to purchase a little back dress that promotes your look from tomboy to a pretty looking girl. It improves your look, and your personality shows that you, a girl, not a tomboy.

Maintain a Written Note:

You have to maintain a written note like a Diary to show up what changes you have to acquire in you and what are to be acquired? It is an excellent way to improve yourself from a tomboy title to a Girl with a decent personality.

Use of daily Make-up

You must have to buy some makeup kit for you to use it on a daily basis that represents your personality. Make sure the use of makeup is must be in a light sense. That soft lipstick and eyeliner use on a daily basis.

Buy Perfume – How to Stop Being a Tomboy

You must have to use perfume to improve your personality; This is a good thing that uses a soft fragrance that represents a pleasant smell by using it.

Use of Nail Polish – How to Stop Being a Tomboy

Use of nail polish on your nail so that your personality upgrade and show that your girl’s beauty. And change your nail polish after some days and best match this with your dressing.

Take Self Test | How to Stop Being a Tomboy

Give time to you by analyzing that what changes you adopt till from a tomboy look to up till now and what are the changes you have to acquire with time. Compare yourself with your past and see what changes you adopt?

Took part in new activities:

You have to take part in playing activities to get yourself active as well go outside with friends and took part in activities together like playing eating and use a well dressing that you like a pretty doll, not a tomboy.

Keep yourself change:

You have to be convinced yourself that change is better for life, and you have to change your personality to become updated day by day and age by age. A little bit of change in attitude is also showing a significant impact on your personality.

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