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How To Steal A Man – Powerful Steps that force him to love you

How To Steal A Man

17 ways Steal a Man Who Has a Girlfriend

Have you looked to find a useful way to take one guy? Here we discuss some of the valuable steps that you can experience to steal a guy that already has a girlfriend.

1. Get to Understand Him Follow him

The first thing you have to do is to follow that guy that you try to steal. Because when you follow him, you get to know that how you come closer to that guy, and you have to notice first the daily routine of that guy that this guy how to handle.

These questions answered only when you follow him and keep sight of him. You can do this, or you can do this by appointing any closer to you. But I suggest you have to do it alone because this way safe and sound work done.

2. Be Closer to him

After you follow that guy and know his appearance according to time, the next step you have to do is to become closer to him. Whenever you see that he is alone, you have to share your life matter with him and wanted to know about his life. You can also share your presentation, homework, or whatever tasks that you feel make your contact healthy.

  • First of all, you have to start an interaction with him and make him a friend and know about his liking and disliking and the best thing to share some exciting stories with him. You have to do this very carefully and focus on keeping contact secure.
  • Your focus on helping him so that it can make your relationship healthy and meaningful, and when you help him, you can share your feeling with him so that this is useful in achieving a goal.

3. Give time and share your Life Matters

After making you closer to him you have to share your life matters and, most important, listen to his life matters and make feel that you are interested in hearing his story, and this will give you a better chance of getting your goal in a golden way.

  • You have to give full attention to him in such a way they feel like he feels happy to share with you. And this makes your relationships stronger, and he shares everything with you.
  • You have to ask a question about his life and plans for his life. And show your interest in listening to his story. This can get you to the stage that you come closer to that guy.

4. Be supportive emotionally

Now, this is a stage that you have to support him carefully because when you take attention to his problem and give time to him. This gives the way that he ultimately gives the whole time to you. And your friendship develop at that time, so now you have to eat together and this way you share your feeling, problems, even goods, and bads and feel relaxed from each other.

Now you have to give the whole time to him whenever he needs you to have to listen to his problem. You have to do him completely to you that he shares everything with you.

5. Have a Romantic Conversation with him

Afterward, you have to change your conversation level toward a romantic discussion. That to motivate him and raise his feeling toward you. In this way, he attracted you.

  • You have to share a romantic scene of films or a drama so that he enjoys and feels the love between, and you both take this moment.
  • To discuss his family relations and get views about her liking in a thing or dressing, you have to consider more and more to keep the relationship stronger.

6. Text him

Now, you have to exchange your contact number and send funny text and gives time to each other by whole connected time. Discuss every moment with each other and sharing the feeling of every moment.

7. Get to know his relations with others

You have to get closer to know his family more than his friends. Start to know about his friends’ stories and joyful the moment and meet with his friends. Talk to them and flirt with them.

  • You have to involve your friends carefully and not to show that you are involved in your friends; this gives a wrong impression on your relation. So, be careful about what you have to do.
  • Be sure when you greet his friend because they try to steal you and make your attention toward him. That’s why to be careful about all. So you must be greeted with them but take no notice of them.

8. Arrange to go out with him

You have to arrange a party to go outside with him. And to spend the best time while eating together with him. Or even you play a game with him. Or you can go to the library with him.

9. See and wait for what happens

Now it’s time to get the reward that at that stage you have done all the necessary steps and spending time with him.

You must have to participate and as well as enjoy your friend’s company.

At that, he breaks with his girlfriend if such happens then it is the reward of your struggle, and you have the real-time to get your position.

10 Attracting Him Toward you Fashion to impress

The way to steal one’s guy is to attract him toward you. There are so many ways for this you have to follow. Here we help you with the strategy to steal one’s guy. Here is whenever you are around him, you have to be in a good dress and look cool and such a way you impress him so that he looks toward you and get emotional.

You have to dress well like in a dress you look fantastic, and you have to upgrade you like looks like his girlfriend. And you also wear jeans, a skirt, etc. it is up to you. Your dressing must show your cuteness, and everyone looks up to you in your look

11. Impress with natural beauty

You have to dress well and impress your guy. And never try to look over like excess of makeup and eyeliner. You have to take strategy look cute but straightforward and attractive. Use your natural beauty look to impress him.

  • Use a hairstyle like puff and color your hair in the way your face looks better and attractive. You use an eyebrow also waxed to impress him.
  • You impress him by making you look pretty, and this is only when you impress him in a way he sees something different on you. Due to your look, he makes his attention toward you.

12. Be positive and confident

Here is a point to impress a guy is to be confident and positive in your look. Because impressing a guy includes your confidence. By wearing a sexy dress not mean to steal a guy but make sure you have to be confident and relaxed. You have to be in a good dress with a good hairstyle whenever you around him and be confident when talking with him.

Make sure to be confident when you speak to him and around him that he feel internal that you are an ideal woman. And make sure to impress him when his girlfriend not with him.

13. Catch his heart

This is the best option for you because if you do it well, you got your goal. You attract him in such a way that when he sees toward you. You have to make a smile after looking at him, and in this way, he notices you and follows you. When he notices you, he gets to know you more.

After some time of this, you see that he is attracting you. So you have to take him as you want. But at this stage, your dressing style, and confidence must be perfect.

You have to take the necessary steps at that time that you make a decision on how to talk with him. How to make them with you and make interested in you. This is only done when you speak with him and finding ways to spend your time with him.

14. Know about his wants | How To Steal A Man

At this point, you have to know about his liking and disliking. And also a plan of life as well as his interest in girls. You have to know him What he wants in a girl and what type of dressing and looks he want in his girlfriend.

You have to share your liking and disliking with him that you tell about dramas you like and also a film and like a cricket match.

15. Touch hand with him | How To Steal A Man

You have to upgrade yourself to a limit because he wants you as you are in a reality, so make sure never to be over fashioned and never try to overreact. You must show and impress him with a real personality.

  • You have to be serious with him in attempting to find ways to shake hands with him. The touch must be within a limit and not cross personal boundaries.
  • When you are discussing funny stories with each other, then you touch him by touching his shoulder and arm.
  • Be sure to contact him in a way he never minds you can reach him while greeting. Make sure you have to be in an attitude that is necessary for a girl in his life.

16. See another guy – How To Steal A Man

While impressing him, you have to go outside with him and see another guy toward you so that he feels that people are attracting you.

In this way, he becomes near to you. But be sure that you never get free with other guys, but this is only to show him that he protects you and feel jealous when other guy looks to you.

17. Give space to break up with his GF

While dating the new guy when other guys attracted to you. You discuss it with your guy so that he feels proud that he gets the prettiest girl.

When he completely involves in you give him time to break up with his old girlfriend. And his only happen when he has a feeling for you and these allow him to break up with his previous girlfriend