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Teenage Girl Monologues From Movies

Finding decent Teenage Girl Monologues From Movies is consistently intense, particularly for girls in secondary school. You need something that suits you. We have collected brave contemporary speeches from films, plays, and even T.V. shows and such monologues are increasing day by day.

In the world of theatre, a Monologue is a long speech or dialogue by a single actor in a film or a play. In other words, if a single actor expresses his mental thoughts with speeches directly in front of the audience, then it is a Monologue.

Types of Monologue

  1. Active Monologue: An actor/character, with the help of his speech, tries to achieve a goal.
  2. Narrative Monologue: A character is simply narrating a story that is mostly in the past tense.
  3. Dramatic Monologue: An actor speaking to another actor.
  4. Interior Monologue: A character expresses his thoughts so that the audience can witness them

Tips for Teenage Girl’s Monologue

Always try to search for that teenage girl’s monologues from movies that suit you according to your experience. So always copy that character that you can easily relate to.

Keep in mind your role while selecting the Monologue. For drama, set dramatically, and for comedy, choose comedic Monologue.

While selecting teenage girl monologues from movies, keep in mind that the chosen Monologue tells the audience a complete story.

5 Best Teenage Girl Monologues from Movies

1) Comedic Monologue from the movie EASY A

Comedic Monologue from the movie EASY A

Theme: A girl tells a lie to his boyfriend about her virginity

I can’t consider anything better than getting the chance to choose your food party and have a pleasant discussion while they bubble it alive in the back. Do you accept this about lobster being a love potion? You know, medical/clinical science has not proven that any specific food increases sexual performance or sexual desire.

However, many boys spend on food to handle ladies as they believe food brings good fortune to them. A few people even eat rhinoceros horns because, according to them, it is an idea to expand the male sex organ.

2) Dramatic Monologue from the movie THE BREAKFAST CLUB

 Dramatic Monologue from the movie THE BREAKFAST CLUB

Theme: A girl is a prom queen & an absolute social climber

Goodness, be straightforward, Andy… if Brian came approaching you in the lobby on Monday, what might you do? I mean, picture this, you’re there with all the games. I know what you would do; you will express Hi to him, and as he left, you cut him all up so others would not think that you were truly in love with him.

O.K., you scoundrel! Why not take Allison to one of your special parties? Or, on the other hand, take Brian out to the parking area at lunch? What you are thinking about Andy!! So far as that is concerned, shouldn’t something be said about me? I hate you!

3) Comedic Monologue from the movie CLUELESS

Comedic Monologue from the movie CLUELESS

Theme: Cher is a rich, beautiful, and high-class student

Thus, O.K., like the Haitians, wants to come to America, yet a few people are all, “Shouldn’t something be said for our assets?” And it resembles, when I had this nursery/plant party for my dad’s birthday, and it’s completely cooked, you know, I said in light of the fact that it’s a super dinner.

Individuals come that like, didn’t R.S.V.P.! I need to pull ass to the kitchen and distribute the food and juices in additional settings and individuals. Yet, before the day is over, it resembled “the more, the merrier”. Thus if the administration could simply get to the kitchen and arrange a few things, we could positively party with Haitians.

4) Dramatic Monologue from the movie A LITTLE PRINCESS

Dramatic Monologue from the movie A LITTLE PRINCESS

Theme: Sara Crewe is a pretty, sensitive, and smart girl raised as an only child in Africa

Shhh! Kindly I am heartbroken, yet we must be peaceful, or we will scare the spirits away! Come, we should everybody clasp hands. You as well, Becky. We should close our eyes and think. (Interruption) What do you guess Becky’s mom would need to state to her?

I think she’d say a piece regarding where she is currently, where there are fields and fields of blossoms, and a delicate breeze is continually blowing. Also, if spirits can drift around where they like, and I trust it’s actually, maybe Becky’s mother is in this life with us at the present time. What’s more, what do you figure she would state?

5) Dramatic Monologue from the movie SLOW DANCE ON THE KILLING GROUND

 Dramatic Monologue from the movie SLOW DANCE ON THE KILLING GROUND

Theme: A college student who is running from something!

In the event that you realized me better, you’d see this is actually the sort of thing that is probably going to transpire. Getting pregnant, I mean, it was my first time, I was a virgin before that. Wouldn’t you know it, I’d get captured? Besides everything else, I’m not fortunate, either.

If I was fortunate, Harold and I could’ve capitulated to our senseless little enthusiasm and that would’ve been that, its finish. At any rate on the off chance that it’d been in some pleasant condo in the Village, state, with the sound getting through the window of traffic and individuals, the breeze blowing the drapery over the bed, as in the motion pictures.

However, no. I lost my virginity in an old house in Harold’s grandma’s home. On a stormy day in spring on the floor of the upper room in his grandma’s house, tuning in to the downpour on the rooftop, breathing the residue of old things… And what comes straightaway yet his grandma who should be in the city for the afternoon?

In any case, rather, she’s abruptly remaining there, shouting: “Stop that! Stop that right now!” Halting. At that specific second. That is to say, sex resembles a trip over the ocean, one arrives at the final turning point… I get it sounds amusing now, yet you know, at that point… it was quite bad.

A young lady, at any rate, prefers to think the reason for it was some sharp, attractive person with appeal and experience, who just got back from going through a year in Rome, state, on a Guggenheim partnership.

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