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15 + Way She is not Sexually attracted to Her Husband

Not being attracted to your husband is a more prevalent problem than you think, whether you love him so much. Many women are married but they’re not sexually attracted to their husbands, perhaps they were never attracted to them.

It is a big crisis to not be sexually attracted to your husband, to begin with, or perhaps over time you became less and less attracted. So, you’re thinking that you don’t feel that spark for your partner anymore and are wondering if there is anything you can do about it.

What If You Are Not Sexually Attracted to Your Husband?

It is a significant problem if you are not sexually attracted to your husband. Couples have different natures and liking and dislikes in philosophy. Some of the couples are both male and females are more attracted to each other. They get their married life more enjoyed.

In some couples are in nature, a man attracted to his wife, but a wife, not these are due to the difference in liking and disliking. Also probably there are many other reasons for that. Some couples have females attracted to their husbands, but husbands don’t.

Here in this article, we will be discussing how to come out of this crisis for females that are not sexually attracted to their husbands. What are the reasons and how to tackle these to get the marriage life joyful and longer?

Expecting More with Marriage

Expecting More with Marriage

Before getting married, both of the pair are mentally expected to be intimate with each other emotionally and physically. But After getting married if there is a lack of physical intimation, and if she is not sexually attracted to her husband, can cause problems in a couple’s life. The lack of marital sex is the reason for divorce in the US.

The Abandonment of Affection describes that one spouse left his spouse in the bedroom, which is problematic and causes this to a stage where divorce is necessary. This is the stage in which one is not sexually attracted to other spouses.

Many women face this type of condition and feel that they are under pressure for doing this act by their husbands. On another side, if we see that a man loves his wife, therefore, he chooses her to become his life partner. So all of the problems are solved by the couple itself.

Try to be available for Communication

Mutual communication is necessary for the relationship. No conversation from you is one of the biggest reasons why you are not attracted to your husband. The main thing is to highlight issues between both of them. Communication between the couple is essential to resolve the problems between them.

If both communicate with each other openly the matter is resolved by discussing it with one another. Let’s explore 20+ reasons why you are not sexually attracted to your husband.

You Married Him Because He Had Good Qualities

If your husband loves you, he takes care of you, likes you, and is interested in you, it means you are his first priority. But one problem you face from the first day is you are never sexually attracted to your husband because he is satisfied emotionally with you but not physically pleasing you.

You try to change him by your physical appearance. Wear what he likes, talk to him, take him outside, all these things will help to get his attraction towards you.

Try To Change Yourself Physically

Your husband is physically changed as earlier when you married her. He is not focussing on to satisfied you physically. Therefore, your husband is not attractive to you. Although he dresses so well whenever you see him, you are not attracted to him.

If you are physically not attracted, you must notice what he likes, ask him what to wear either it could be simple clothes, jeans with shirts, or shorts with tops and some other types.

Don’t Shout Out If he Hurts You

If there is a condition that she is not sexually attracted to her husband, maybe her husband does things that she dislikes because he hurts her and does not care about her. Therefore, You are not attracted to him just because he is not involved in you and never gets to know what you want and what you like to be on.

Many times, it happens when you are not sexually attracted to your husband, he tries to hurt you with different doings. Therefore, you dislike your husband and do not engage with him physically.

Focus On The Positives

Focus On The Positives

Over time, you may start to take your husband for granted. You may use to their habits, behaviors, and action, and you don’t see the novelty in them anymore. As you both become comfortable with a significant other, you stop putting as much active effort into maintaining your relationship.

Lack of effort is often mistaken for a decrease in attraction. when you both stop making an effort, you both will start to think that it may be because he is not interested in you, rather than just becoming comfortable.

Check He Changes His Attraction Towards Your a Little Bit

Your husband is not more attracted to you to have sex intimate with you. He stops expressing love to you. Therefore, This affects you to be boring and cause you are not attracted to your husband because of his ignorance.

That makes the love moment a boring one for both of them. It is simply a body need that gets completed when both are participating entirely with each other. Just, try to know why he is not taking interest in you, if there is something, try to not do that simply. You try to act like he wants, it will save your relationship from diving into further problems.

Appreciate Him

Appreciate Him

If you think you are not sexually attracted to your husband, here is one of the top signs that you do less appreciation than ever. When you flood your thoughts with these things, you will be less attractive. These feelings into existence.

Don’t dive into everything that he wants to do personally and appreciate him that’s great what he is going to do. Feelings of appreciation from you, your husbands will seem more attractive to you. You may not be believing your partner still cares enough to make sure he grooms for me, but my partner is showing he wants to look good for me.

These small changes in thought are going to snowball and have a positive impact on how attractive your husband is. If you have more positive feelings about him, we’re going to feel more attracted to him.

Give Your Best to Make Your Relationship Better

Feeling less attractive to your husband may seem a bit morbid, but this is so impactful. Take a moment to consider, What would be your life without your husband? This thought could reignite your love for him.

Think about how you would feel about your husband if this was the last time you ever had a conversation with him, saw him, or had the chance to hold him close. Would you be hurt if you never ever got to interact with him ever again?

Being aware of the fact that all things have an expiration date, so to speak, will keep things in perspective. Focus on appreciating the good things about your partner, the things that you would miss if they were no longer a part of your world.

Sex is Necessary for Closeness

Sex is the need of the human body, even a girl or a boy. It provides life to a married relationship. Because of this relationship is strong between a husband and a wife when both shares their relationships with them. And sex is the way of generating a new generation which is the main benefit.

Here we discuss some points that show why intimacy with your spouse is essential.  

  1. During Sex, the husband, and wife get in to connect to produce oxytocin, hormones that are released during sex orgasm that rises the attachment and feeling of love between the two.

2. During sex time, when a couple touches each other that been increased up to the intimacy of emotions between the couple. In this way, both of them get a lot of joyous feelings whenever they touch each other.

3. Females that experience heightened sexual pleasure or regular orgasms report happier lives and a better mood. This releases stress for both husband and wife. And this couple lives their lives closer to each other and smiles.

4. When a couple participates equally in having sex, then it improves the tendency to reciprocate the level of pleasure. This way, the husband and wife are spending their life very happily because this connection removes the hesitation between them. Hence this leads to a healthy married life.

They decided they were better off as friends

“We broke up. It worked out well, though. I explained the ‘triangular theory of love to him having taken a human growth and development class in college. We both looked at it and told each other which ‘loves’ we felt for one another.

We ended up both falling into the ‘companionate love’ area. So we went through with the breakup but stayed very good friends.” – Reddit user Maarsargo.

Stop Going Out With Others

Stop going with others if your husband is very suspicious about relationships. It is the fact couple can’t see his/ her spouse going out with someone other. It is a big crisis that fails the relationship. If you both ended up going with other people and decided it would be best to end things.

It would be rough, especially for you, but it was the right choice in the end. Chemistry is important to everyone in a relationship, without it you’d just feel like you were a close friend.

Spending Most of Time with Kids

Spending Most of Time with Kids

if you don’t have a whole lot of sexual feelings in general, but absolutely none relating to your husband. You are busy enough between two very young kids and caregiving for a relative that you haven’t fully noticed.

You do wonder how things will be when the parent you care for dies and when your kids are older. Maybe you will have a relationship and the feelings will come back.

Try to Change Yourself According to Him

If you realized you don’t love him romantically anymore but just as a friend. And it same for him about you. you became like buddies rather than a romantic couple and broke up over that. if you were both young, in your early 20s, and not experienced enough in dating.

If after marriage you are not sexually attracted to him, still cared for him, and wanted him to be happy. Try to change yourself what exactly he expecting from you as a husband, not as a friend. You should get upset if he was upset.

But thinking about a future together went from being a heartwarming feeling to something unpleasant. I didn’t understand the exact reason back then but now looking back, we grew apart as people. We weren’t compatible enough anymore and we were too young to work on it more than we already had.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from many ladies who fear their relationship will be ended soon because of their physical attractiveness.

Is it normal to not be sexually attracted to your husband?

Losing physical attention to your husband is quite simple, and very dangerous for the relationship. When you have been exposed to a single person for years, it’s expected that a certain level of excitement is lost. However, that being said, we all do continue to experience sexual thoughts and feelings too.

Should you marry someone you are not sexually attracted to?

Yes, many people elect to marry someone who’s not physically attractive because it provides an additional level of emotional security in the relationship. They may feel that a less attractive spouse would be more loyal, more trustworthy, and not as likely to face temptation from other men or women.


Not being attracted to your husband raise more problems than you think, or you love him so much. Many women are married to men but she is not sexually attracted to her husband. If you think you are not sexually attracted and facing problems, you must know first why you are not sexually attractive.

After reading this article, you can build up yourself to be more attractive. We have conducted 14+ sign that makes you not attractive. In this article, we have provided different problem and their resolving suggestion that make you attractive to your husband.

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