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If he has a girlfriend why does he want me – Unlock the Mystery with these 15 Reasons

Being pursued by a man who’s already taken has an excitement of its own. If he has a girlfriend why does he want you, It can be the most frustrating and awkward situation to be in, and it leaves you thinking.

It is trendy in the 20th century that boys to have a lot of friends and girlfriends. This leads to issues like “cheating in a relationship” or “flirting”. This situation can be very confusing; it generates feelings of frustration and drains one emotionally.

Some boys are honest and true lovers. They give their 100 percent to their relationship and whenever they decide to break up, then first they break their previous relationship and then start others. But, for this condition, you should be lucky enough as in today’s date boys, especially teenagers lack these qualities.

15 Reasons Why He Craves You Despite Having a Girlfriend

1. Non-serious attitude toward the Relationship

Non-serious attitude towards Relationship

Youngsters have a non-serious attitude towards relationships. If you are a teenage girl that has this query that if he has a girlfriend why does he want me? Then I recommend that you are too small for it. Teenage is the most critical stage as most boys and girls take emotional decisions.

You must give some time to yourself to grow and think in a better way. School or college-going girls and boys can fall in love with each other as it is not a self-control phenomenon. But, boys are quite non-serious in their activities at this stage of life.

He may have a girlfriend and try to approach you as well. Maybe he wants to have a time pass or love engaging moments with you for fun.

2. He likes you’re Company as a friend

He likes you’re Company as a friend

A boy may be speaking to you because he openly gets pleasure out of you and relishes being nearby you. Your funniness could be a nice pardon from the anxieties and worries of his real relationship. You have to fun step outside of his typical social group.

If it has been proven that you are in the friend zone. This will make him obviously feel more comfortable and relaxed with you. On the other hand, he won’t leave her girlfriend as he just wants to be relaxed in your company as a friend. Try to read his intentions more clearly.

3. He only wants Advice on Relationship

He only want Advice on Relationship

It may be possible that you have developed a wrong perception about a guy, but he is actually looking for an excuse to get advice from a fellow female for his girlfriend. This is because he noticeably gives importance to your opinion. He may get out of you than just chit-chat.

You may have a special place in his decisions. He thinks that you are a true, honest, and loyal person in his life. Therefore, he discusses some relationship issues with you to take advice. Don’t take it too seriously when he discusses something experienced negative about his relationships.

4. He is Not Loyal in his Relationship with her

He is Not Loyal in his Relationship with her

If you are feeling that he is super flirty and acting totally different in the absence of his girlfriend, then this is a red flag. If you both are truly friends ad honest with your girlfriend then it does not matter whether that girlfriend is with you or not.

Thus this point is critical, never pay attention to such a flirting guy who is committed to someone else, because it will leave you disappointed some other day. Boys got indulged in the activities like flirting or playing with girls. You should beware of such guys.

If you want a harsh answer to this question if he has a girlfriend why does he want me? Then he is just tricking and cheating on you and his girlfriend as well.  Don’t be in fool paradise just take a step back from this guy.

5. Like you But got scared

Like you But got scared

Besides all the above, there is also a chance that he may love you because he seems to be thinking of you even if he is with someone else. He does not want to lose you and hurt her girlfriend as well.

Always live your life, but you never know what may happen in the end.  If you really like him, tell him, even if this creates a distance between you while he is in association with others.

6. He wants out of his present Relationship

He want out of his present Relationship

This is a very common practice that many boys leave their girlfriends after a couple of months. This means that boys usually cheat on their girlfriends. This will happen when a boy meets a clingy girl, and after some days, he started liking her.

But after noticing her character traits, he came to know that she will not easily let him go. So in order to break up, the boy starts cheating and when caught red-handed, uses this cheating as an excuse to break up.

7. The difference in Relationship Goals

The difference in Relationship Goals

It is also seen that the difference in the relationship goals may be the cause of cheating or flirting. Some people always talk about future plans, others always discuss sex.

It is also seen that some boys may break up because the relationship was not the end goal for them. They want much more. But keep in mind that cheating always disrupts the relationship, not the sex.

8. Cheating under the influence of others

Cheating under influence of others

Here we are discussing another crucial point regarding if he has a girlfriend why does he want me? According to a survey, 80% of the boys say that they cheated on their girlfriend under the influence of their other fast friends.

The remaining 20% say that they cheated because they have seen their elders doing the same. So it is very difficult to judge one reason.

9. Can’t resist the temptation

Can’t resist the temptation

Boys are also human they can develop feelings for someone unintentionally as well. Maybe the boy doesn’t plan to cheat in a relationship but can’t resist the temptation or feel for you.

Therefore, he gets beyond his own limits and expresses a love for you.  They lack the guts to resist and refuse such offers or feelings.

10. Cheating is a habit for Him

Cheating is a habit for Him

Yes, there are chances that boy has already cheated someone else and brought you into his life. Now, he again likes someone else and leaves you for her. Hence a boy develops a habit of cheating on his girlfriend. Such a flirt guy is really dangerous to have in your life.

First, go through his past, if he left other girls then don’t rely on his commitments either you are his girlfriend or the other girl.

11. Just for the lust

Just for the lust

Obviously, a guy develops some feelings for you which is why he is cheating with his current girlfriend.  But, he may use you as a source of sexual pleasure. Thus, After getting your body and mind, left you with an excuse that he is already committed to someone else.

12. No Real Move to leave her

No Real Move to leave her

He may chit-chat most of the time about his girlfriend’s negative habits and attitude but never take a real move to leave her. This indicates that he is just trying to make you satisfied with his words but not his actions.

This may sense you well that he is not happy with his current relationship and you get closer to him. Ask him to make a clear-cut relationship step instead of playing foul games.

13. Ask for nudes

If the boy has a girlfriend and still he wants you could is a real cheater or playboy. He will be least concerned about your day-to-day problems or future plans and will definitely ask you for nudes or sexy stuff.

This attitude indicates that he has spent a lot of time with her girlfriend to listen to her problems. Now, he is just doing a time pass with you for his sexual intentions.

14. You are his Second Priority

You are his Second Priority

If a man disregards you in front of his girlfriend, it is important to recognize your worth and realize that he only converses with you when she is not present. Are you willing to accept being his second choice in life? The decision is ultimately yours to make.

15. Stalk his girlfriend’s Social media profile to know your Worth

You can easily find the answer to your question, “Why does he want me if he has a girlfriend?” by checking his current girlfriend’s profile. If she is sharing pictures of them hanging out or at late-night parties, it is likely that they are happy together. You may just be a temporary source of pleasure or a passing time for him in the absence of his girlfriend.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we explore some frequently asked questions regarding if he has a girlfriend why does he want me:

Why would a guy want me if he has a girlfriend?

In human nature, a man is always attracted to a new relationship. Maybe you are new and exciting to him. If this guy who’s in a relationship is flirting with you, one of the reasons could be that he’s bored in his current relationship and wants something more exciting and fun to look forward to.

Why does he keep talking to me when he has a girlfriend?

A guy may be talking to you because he genuinely gets a kick out of you and enjoys being around you. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything to it. Your humor could be a nice reprieve from the stresses of his actual relationship or a fun step outside of his normal social circle

Can a guy love you but be with someone else?

You, it is possible to fall in love with two people at the same time. Someone might bring out your confident, sexy side and you’ll love them for it. A second person might make you feel safe, loved, and deeply connected, and you’ll also fall for that person.


The innocent girls, who seek the answer to the question if he has a girlfriend why does he want me? Should read these 15 reasons carefully and observe them in his boy. If you found any of them common then it’s a red flag for you. We know the reality may hurt you but you have to face it with courage and guts.

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