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How to say I Miss You In Different Languages – Meaning and explanation

Missing someone also shows them your love and care. 

Anonymous Said!

Miss Someone is a sense that you love them and care for them. You have feelings for them. But the main thing here is that who you miss is aware of this or not if not? First, have to tell him/her that you miss him. If one miss someone in life, then tries to say to him as fast as before getting late.

You have to show care and not keep it in mind. Because it hearts you whenever you able to tell that person you get relaxed and feels burdenless. You can also find love statuses in our other article.

It is a widespread expression that is used by everyone “I miss you.” Here we discuss this expression in different languages and how it’s called in different languages in different parts of the world.

 In Afrikaans Language it is Speak as “Ek mis jou.”

In the Albanian Language, it is Spoken as “I miss you.”

In the Arabic Language, it is Spoken as “Eshatetelak or Eshatetelek.”

In the Armenian Language, it is Spoken as “Karotel yem k’yez.”

In the Azerbaijani language, it is Spoken as “mən sizə miss.”

In the Basque Language, it is Spoken as “Gladu dut.”

In the Belarusian Language, it is Spoken as “JA sumuju pa tabie.”

In the Bengali Language, it is Spoken as “Āmi āpani mis.”

In Bosnian Language it is Speak as “Nedostaješ mi.”

In the Bulgarian Language, it is Spoken as “Lipsvash mi.”

In the Catalan Language, it is Spoken as “Et Drobo a faltar.”

In Cebuano Language, it is Spoken as “Gimingaw ko nimo.”

In the Chinese Language, it is Speak as “Wǒ xiǎngniàn nǐ.”

In the Croatian Language, it is Spoken as “Nedostaješ mi.”

In the Czech Language, it is Spoken as “Chybíš mi.”

In the Danish Language, it is Spoken as “Jeg savner dig.”

In the Dutch Language, it is Spoken as “Ik mis je.”

In the English Language, it is Spoken as “I miss you.”

In the Esperanto Language, it is Speak as “I miss you.”

In the Estonian Language, it is Spoken as “Ma igatsen sind.”

In Filipino Language it is Speak as “Hinahanap-hanap ko sa iyo.”

In the Finnish Language, it is Spoken as “Kaipaan sinua.”

In the French Language, it is Spoken as “Tu me manque.”

In Galician Language it is Speak as “Eu sinto a súa falta.”

In the Georgian Language, it is Spoken as “menatreba t’k’ven.”

In the German Language, it is Spoken as “Ich vermisse dich.”

In the Greek Language, it is Spoken as “Mou leipeis.”

In the Gujarati Language, it is Speak as “Huṁ tamanē cūkī.”

In the Haitian Language, it is Spoken as “Mwen manke ou.”

In the Hausa Language, it is Spoken as “I miss ka.”

In the Hindi Language, it is Spoken as “Mujhe aapki Yaad aati hai.”

In the Hmong Language, it is Spoken as “Kuv kno koj.”

In the Hungarian Language, it is Spoken as “Hiányzol.”

In the Icelandic Language, it is Spoken as “Ég sakna þín.”

In the Igbo Language, it is Spoken as “A na m atụ ụche gị.”

In Indonesian Language, it is Spoken as “Aku merindukanmu.”

In Iraqi Language, it is Speak as “Wahashtook.”

In Irish Language, it is Spoken as “Is fada liom uaim tú.”

In the Italian Language, it is Spoken as “Mi manchi.”

In the Japanese Language, it is Spoken as “Watashi wa anata o ketsujō.”

In Javanese Language it is Speak as “Aku kangen sliramu.”

In the Kannada Language, it is Spoken as “Nānu vivēkānanda.”

In the Khmer language, it is Spoken as “khnhom Nuk anak.”

In Korean Language it is Speak as “naega dangsin-eul geuliwo.”

In the Lao language, it is Spoken as “khaphachaophad than.”

In the Latin Language, it is Spoken as “Habeo nisi desiderium.”

In the Latvian Language, it is Spoken as “Man Tevis pietrūkst.” 

In Lithuanian Language, it is Spoken as “Aš Illinois tavęs.”

In the Macedonian Language, it is Spoken as “Mi nedostasuvaš.”

In the Malay Language, it is Spoken as “Aku merindukanmu.”

In the Maltese Language, it is Spoken as “I miss inti.”

In Mandarin Language, it is Spoken as “Wo xiang ni.”

In the Maori language, it is Spoken as “Mahue Koe e ahau.”

In the Marathi Language, it is Spoken as “Mala tujhi athvan yete.”

In the Mongolian language, it is Spoken as “Bi chamaig sanaj baina.”

In the Nepali Language, it is Speak as “Ma timīlā’ī samjhanā.”

In Norwegian Language, it is Speak as “Jeg savner deg.”

In the Persian Language, it is Spoken as “Delam baraat tange.”

In the Polish Language, it is Spoken as “Tęsknię za Tobą.”

In the Portuguese Language, it is Spoken as “Eu sinto sua falta.”

In the Punjabi Language, it is Spoken as “Mainu tussi yad a’undy ho.”

In the Romanian Language, it is Spoken as “Mi-e dor.”

In Russian Language it is Speak as “Ya skuchayu po tebe.”

In Serbian Language it is Speak as “I miss iou.”

In the Slovak Language, it is Speak as “Chýbaš mi.”

In Slovenian Language, it is Spoken as “Pogrešam te.”

In the Somali Language, it is Spoken as “Waan kuu xiisay.”

In Spanish Language it is Speak as “Te echo de menos.”

The Swahili Language is Spoken as “I miss you.”

The Swedish Language is Spoken as “Jag saknar dig.”

The Tamil Language is Speak as “Nāṉ uṅkaḷai mis.”

Telugu Language it is Speak as “Nēnu mīru mis.”

The Thai Language is Speak as “C̄hạn khidt̄hụng khuṇ.”

The Turkish Language is Spoken as “Seni özledim.”

Ukrainian Language it is Speak as “YA sumuyu za toboyu.”

The Urdu Language is Spoken as “Aapki kami mehsoos hoti hai.”

Vietnamese Language it is Speak as “Tôi nhớ bạn.”

The Welsh Language is Spoken as “Dwi yn methu ti.”

The Yoruba Language is Spoken as “Aro re so mi.”

In Zulu Language, it is Speak as “Ngikukhumbulile.”

Frequently Asked Question:

Nowadays, many times people have relationships in differnt countries online. people asked different questions about how to tell someone they are missing them. Here we will explore some questions:

How do you say I miss you in all languages?

Here are i miss you messages in diffenrt languages such as:

Iraqi: “Wahashtook.”

Irish : “Is fada liom uaim tú.”

Italian: “Mi manchi.”

Japanese: “Watashi wa anata o ketsujō.”

Javanese: “Aku kangen sliramu.”

Kannada: “Nānu vivēkānanda.”

Persian: “Delam baraat tange.”

Polish: “Tęsknię za Tobą.”

Portuguese: “Eu sinto sua falta.”

Punjabi: “Mainu tussi yad a’undy ho.”

Romanian: “Mi-e dor.”

How do you say I miss you in a cool way?

Here is some awesome line to say I miss you in cool way such as:

I wish you were here

I think about you all the time

I see you everywhere around me

When will I see you again?

I’m counting the days by minutes

I can’t stop thinking about you

I can’t wait to be with you again

I can feel your breath on my neck


As we all know, people nowadays are meeting each other online rather than in physical parties. If you have also some friends online from differnt countries, and you want to say them you miss them whenver they not being online.

If you are looking for the translation of I miss you in different languages, this article is for you. In this article, we have conducted I miss you message translated in alomost all countries languages. 

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