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Indicators of Interest | A Scorpio Man Has Feelings For You

Are you having a crush on a Scorpio man and want to start dating him? But how can you know that a Scorpio man has feelings for you and whether he’s as interested in you as you are?

Because Scorpio men are secretive, it might be difficult to identify their sentiments from their actions. I’ve listed several signs that a Scorpio Man has feelings for you. These signs will help you determine if he’s in love with you.

If you are an avid astrology reader, you know the notorious mystery surrounding a Scorpio man. Like everything about him, falling in love with a Scorpio man is tricky. Thanks, astrology has helped us decode some of his most subtle hints.

How to Know If a Scorpio Man Likes You?

Scorpio is famous for being a mysterious sign that is hard to read. And the Scorpio man is the iconic image of the “strong, silent type”. Even though he is mysterious and always keeps himself a secret, he goes after what he wants.

I have demonstrated below how a Scorpio man behaves when in love with someone. After knowing these 11 particular signs, you’ll be able to identify whether a Scorpio man has feelings for you or not.

1. He Pursues You

Scorpio man is not exactly shy about their affections. He would like to shower his affection and love as much as possible. A Scorpio guy will invite you to hang out, and he will make plans to go to a coffee shop and offer you what you like the most.

He will find different ways to stay in touch with you. The less open type of girl will not be as insistent on spending time together. He does follow you on social media. He will take the initiative in getting to know you better.

2. Put Effort to Interact with You Emotionally

Put Effort to Interact with You Emotionally

Usually, Scorpio men stay away from feelings and emotions as much as possible. But if he has started a serious conversation with you, he will put effort into interacting with you emotionally. This is the way for a Scorpio man to get to know you better. He may want to figure out what you feel and how you think.

Try to be honest when engaging with a Scorpio man during the conversation. The more truthful you are in any situation, the better it will be for your relationship with him. If he puts effort into interacting with you, it is a big sign that he has fallen in love.

3. Goes out of His Way to Help You

Scorpio men can’t be extravagant unless they are trying to impress someone. It is not about them showing money, but they go out of their way to help you in different situations.

Have you ever found a Scorpio man there when you need him in difficulties? It is not just good luck, but he cares for you and tracks you in different ways to help you win your heart.

Scorpio Male will take you to a fancy place where you have never dreamed of going. He will try to give you the most expensive gifts, or at least as expensive as he can afford. He has impeccable taste as he is. This, combined with his liking for you, resulted in some great times.

4. Shows Sensuality

When a Scorpio man gets into someone, he will ooze sensuality and show his leadership skills. He started to seem sexier than sensual. He will be a more sexual being. That’s because he wants to attract you with his sexuality. His sexual charm will be more tangible.

A Scorpio man is naturally loving, and passionate, and has more sexual lust. When trying to attract a girl, he is not just looking for companionship but looking for a partner. He will try his moves on you and try to turn you on without even being direct about telling his story.

5. Try to Win Your Trust

Try to Win Your Trust

Who do you trust the most of all the people you know? If your answer is the Scorpio man, you have a great sense of humor. Trust and loyalty are the signs on which the Scorpio man builds a relationship. He wants to trust his partner, but he also wants his partner to trust him back.

Scorpio, man, try to win your trust in whatever way possible. You would not even realize it, and he will be your biggest confidant. He will know all your problems. Putting effort to win your heart is the greatest sign that a Scorpio man likes you.    

6. Tries to Discover More About You

Scorpio men like to be sure about everything before getting into something. So, before telling their crush about their feelings, they try to figure out all the pros and cons of them. It included being with you.

If a Scorpio man has feelings for you, he will try to discover all about you. You might even feel he is putting you through a test at times. He will try to reveal all about you silently and patiently. He will observe you and discover how you behave around others.

Don’t let all of this make you nervous. Just be real about who you are and let him sort all of these things. Applying different things to know you better show that he loves you and wants to share his life with you.

7. Tries to Hold Your Attention

Tries to Hold Your Attention

A Scorpio man seems busy observing different things, and if he is taking time to devote to you, take that as a sign; he likes you wholeheartedly. He wants to let you know that you matter to him by holding your attention towards him doing different things. Scorpio Man tried to find better ways to grab all of your attention.

Scorpio Man tries to hold your attention by complementing your dress or hairstyle. He takes note of every change and detail about you. He will notice if you are sad or upset, even if no one else can do that.

It would be enough to make sure if he likes you or not. But by holding your attention, he would still try to make his decisions about you.

Don’t try to get too attached to a Scorpio man until he speaks out of his feelings. He also wants to know if you are thankful for his affection and compliments.

8. He Cares a lot about You

Scorpio man is always helpful if he finds someone in need, but Scorpio man doesn’t share his life’s ups and downs with everyone. When it comes to loving someone, he is more careful and affectionate. If a Scorpio guy likes you, he will always make you feel comfortable using his things. He will offer his assets if you need them.

If a Scorpio man has feelings for you, he will offer you a ride for a long drive. He will come very close to sharing his life with you. On the other hand, he will spend money and invest time in you to make you feel that he values you. And if you know him well, you know these things are very important for someone.

9. Show His Jealousy Side

When it comes to getting something he especially loves, he won’t let the competition go. If there is one thing you need to know, a Scorpio man shows his jealous side if he finds his crush on someone else. Have you ever seen him trying to overshadow the men around you? He will try to steal away from your male friends.

A Scorpio guy will try to impress you by showing off. Well, this is his animal instinct to kick in. Once he has set his heart on something, he doesn’t let someone take this away. Feeling jealous is a big sign that he likes you.

10. Stare At You Intentionally

Stare At You Intentionally

If a Scorpio man is interested in you, he will try to stare at you intentionally. He is not one of those people who are afraid to look into his lover’s eyes. Moreover, he considers it a romantic gesture. For him, strong eye contact means affection and dedication.

Moreover, a Scorpio Man always examines you from a safe place, admiring your famine grace and charming smile. If you observe his gaze at a certain point, you will know your alluring qualities are starting to catch his eyes. And this is a sign that he is developing true feelings for you.

11. Gets Vulnerable with you

Scorpio men are known for their mysterious nature. They are not those guys who reveal their feelings easily. However, when a Scorpio man falls in love with someone, he is sure to satisfy that person’s needs. If he is interested in you, he will invest time in you, preferences, thoughts, and even money.

He will open up to you and share his feelings. He also wants to listen to your thoughts about him. When he asked a meaningful question and wanted to learn as much as about you to find out if you have a deep mutual connection that will last a lifetime.

I’ve also compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help you avoid misunderstandings.

Frequently Asked Question

When falling in love with a Scorpio guy, people ask many questions to learn about the various characteristics of a Scorpio so that they may easily attract them. Let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions below:

What are Scorpio men attracted to?

If you want to attract a Scorpio man’s attention, you need to be genuine and honest about what you are. Since a Scorpio guy can easily tell if you are being fake, he loves you deeply and makes meaningful conversation with you. 

How do Scorpios act around their crush?

The Scorpio Guys are known to be romantic, intense, and trustworthy. They feel jealous and possessive if they find their love with someone. The Scorpio guy will initiate the conversation but wait for the first move. They also dream of going out somewhere to spend summer vacations. 

What Scorpio man loves a woman?

Scorpio man loves deeply and makes meaningful conversation. His love is more about winning your trust and your meaningful look than over-flirting. He can be more sexual to attract your attention and also looks after a charming beauty. If he commits to you, then it is hard to separate him. He holds his words and sticks to them. 


Scorpio is the zodiac’s most mysterious sign. When you have a crush on him, it appears to be tough to tell if a Scorpio guy is falling for you or not. To help you navigate this difficult situation, I’ve put together a quick guide on a Scorpio guy and what he looks for in a woman.

After that, I looked into many signs that show whether or not a Scorpio likes you. After reading an article, you’ll be able to know about Scopio’s sensual side and how he goes out of his way to help you to win your heart.

Hopefully, after learning these prominent signs, you will be able to start flirting smoothly.

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