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Top 35 Young Women Activities | Adopt a better way of Living.

Let’s explore young women activities!

A myth about women is they can’t sit ideally!

Nowadays, women engage themself in business, jobs, and other day-to-day tasks. This makes them tired, dull, and exhausted. Therefore, women need to do some healthy activities that give them a sense of bliss and happiness.

Apart from daily routine tasks, these activities add fun and joy.

Researchers say that women are sensitive. They get worried instantly. Mostly, anxiety and depression are common in young women.

1. Drawing


If you are a creative woman, then drawing suits you. Drawing is the top listed activity for young women. The experts say that drawing is an activity that explores your internal artist.

In addition, drawing not only enhances your creativity but also sharpens your memory. It also develops body coordination with your emotive intelligence.

Moreover, whenever you feel bored or feeling stressed, sketching and drawing is the best activity that subtracts your stress and makes you feel happy and relaxed.

2. Singing

Singing is the sound of the soul. Many young energetic women that have wonderful voices adopt singing as their best pastime hobby. The reason is that singing instantly improves your mood.

According to many experts and doctors, this activity is a source of stimulating the discharge of Endorphins. It also inhibits the release of Oxytocin. Endorphins stimulate happiness while oxytocin deactivates anxiety and stress.

3. Dancing  

It is often seen that many young women love dancing. Dancing is also a complete exercise. In addition, according to psychological experiments, it is seen that dancing inhibits anxiety as you interact with music.

Many young women are adopting it as a talent rather than a hobby. Doctors say that dancing, it also improves your breathing and strengths your heart muscles.

4. Writing

If you are in a bookshop, you will find a large number of books written by female writers. The question is why? The answer is that our young generation especially women are adopting it as the best pastime activity.

In addition, young women say that writing is the best way to prompt your feeling. If you cannot express your feeling in front of others, then you can take benefit from writing in the newspaper.

Moreover, it will recover your mood and let you feel relaxed as your writing task is completed.


I Have no Hobby.

 5. Scrapbooking

Old memories are very important and women are very curious about this. Many young women keep on collecting old pictures and saved them in albums may also know as scrapbooks.

Young women keep the old memories of their different life events in an organized form. This activity is very interesting to them. In addition, whenever you feel sad, open this scrapbook and enjoy your older memories.

6. Paint​​​​​ing


Painting and Drawing are two different fields. Drawing is all about sketching while painting is making sketches more colorful by adding different colors. According to a market survey, young women are found in painting.

This is because makeup is an important part of females while dressing. In makeup, women use different shades that match or contrast with their dresses. The same interest women show in the painting.

Many expert and professional painters say that it is one of the most relaxing activities in the field of arts. Most of the young women do not adopt the traditional way of painting. Instead, they engaged in different trends.

Besides the above, this relaxing activity improves your sense of fulfillment. For this interesting activity, you need a palette, a brush, a coloring medium, and surface support.

7. Acting

If you have heard the interviews of different actresses, you have heard that someone is doing acting since childhood. What is this? It means that a young woman has adopted acting as a hobby.

In addition, many young women dream of playing the heroine role at the start of the carrier.

It is often seen that it is also a source of fun for women to act in front of others, while some others think as a source for earning money. Many personality specialists say that acting is the best source of potential confidence.

8. Blogging

In the list of young women activities, Blogging is also an interesting hobby. If you are a writer but do not have time to write a complete story then Blogging is the best source for such women to express their feelings.

In addition, Blogging lets you share your findings and different thoughts internationally. For starting a blog schedule your writing so you properly do it. Many young women have adopted this activity as a source of earning money as nowadays jobs are not available.

Furthermore, most famous bloggers started this as a pastime hobby but with the passage of time, they adopted it as their profession.

9. Photography

In the list of the best young women activities, we can never neglect photography. This is a top-rated activity, especially for college girls. Taking a picture with friends at any gathering is a respectable hobby.

In contrast to other activities, young women say that a photographer perceives the ecosphere with a changed view. In addition, when you start capturing the beauty of the surroundings through your camera, you will appreciate life.

The women who are doing this activity say that it is one of the stress-free hobbies to see enjoyment.

10. Discovering New Music

Although discovering new music is not a common activity yet it never is neglected. It is commonly seen that in college or middle school period, music was your friend. Now you are a young woman, you still sense that music is a source of comfort.

In addition, music assists us to relax. But young women may relish discovering new album songs that never heard earlier. You might be astonished to find many songs that you have not heard yet.

11. Playing an Instrument

In the list of young women activities, playing an instrument like guitar, piano, and flute is uncommon but still, some college girls enjoy this activity. According to some young women’s reviews, this activity instantly makes them stress-free and happy.

Furthermore, some women are too crazy about playing musical instruments that even though they know nothing still they continue learning through different YouTube channels. For all such young women, there are some blogs and websites with complete tutorials.

12. Making Candles

Some young women adopt a new activity of making candles in different shapes and colors. For such creative women, this is an art only for those who love decorating and enjoy it.

Besides the decorating purpose, playing with different color combinations can make you sense stress-free. There is no limit to this activity. You can enjoy it whenever you felt bored, start with your tools to give your home a new decoration style.

13. Making Jewelry

Making Jewelry

Designing jewelry is a great activity for time passing and refreshing in a different style while doing something valuable.

If you’re a lover of jewelry, you can involved in jewelry as a hobby. Many young women use this hobby as a source of earning money.

Designing jewelry is another way to reduce and refresh your mind. It is an activity that lets you feel that you are doing something valuable.

14. Embroidery

Embroidery is an art of the mind. This is a typical women’s activity. So if we are making the list of the best young women activities, then it should be included.

Young women started this activity mostly at the age of 30 and continue till 60. Although embroidery enters Asia in the 1950s, it is still widespread among women currently especially college girls.

In addition, if you have a creative mind, then you can adapt this activity as a source of earning money once you are fully skilled in it. Young women only need strong determination to meet both ends.

15. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is also the art of writing a single word in different styles. It is also known as decorative handwriting with the use of a brush, or pen.

According to the market survey, it is concluded that a lot of young women who are doing this activity end up in a way to earn money. Creating new handwriting styles refreshes your mind and relaxes your mood.

16. Reading

This is the activity that is included as a top-rated activity for young women. The lovers of reading say that it stimulates brain function.

In addition, it also improves your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. A group of young women says that no other option is better for relaxing and refreshing your mind.

If you want to make this activity a hobby, then you need to purchase books wherever you go. But before buying, trigger your interest and select the type of book, fiction, and travel guide that you want to read.

17. Documentaries

If we are enlisting the best young women activities, then it is unfair if we forget to mention watching documentaries activity. For all such women, watching documentaries is not only a source of fun but also increases your general knowledge.

In addition, documentaries are of various types like informative, political, fun, geographic, and a documentary on the traditions of any specific area. Young women say that documentaries let you understand what is going on in the world.

Other than television, you can also watch such documentaries on the Internet.

18. Television Series

It is found that watching different television series, dramas, and telefilms is also an interesting activity for young women. Waiting for the whole week for your specific drama is a real source of excitement. In a specific drama, watching your favorite actress or actor can help you relax quickly.

19. Video Games

Video games are a very rare activity for young women but we cannot neglect it. Many experts say that video games are a good basis for relaxing. Some games allow you to escape from stress for a while.

Video games are a hobby for men but now young women also showing interest in the gaming community too. Playing games is considered a good source of stress release.

If you search, you will find a large list of mobile games, video games, and play stations. The Internet is the best source for finding the best video games that suit your personality.

20. Puzzles

If you open the bag of some college girls, you will find a puzzle game other than the makeup kit. Such young women say that jigsaw puzzles are stress-relieving games. The manufacturers of puzzle games say that this game is not only for kids. It is also designed for young women and men.

Human mind experts say that solving a puzzle game sharpens your memory and also enhances your reflexes. Like many other activities such as drawing, you will feel a logic of accomplishment as finishing a puzzle. As you finished it, you will feel that you have done a productive task.

For all such young women, online stores are full of different types of puzzles. Anyone can purchase crossword puzzles that suit their interest.

21. Cards

In the list of the best young women activities, playing cards are popular among women of all ages. If you are alone and have no partner to play then try solitaire. If you have a party with friends, then together you can play poker.

Professional players say that it is a good stimulator of the mind. It keeps your brain thinking and active.

22. Collecting

The collection of antique things is also a very interesting activity for young girls. This activity can be a puzzle because it may be super cheap or super expensive. Which antique things you want to collect rest on your interest.

A very common collection activity for young women is gold rings, party suits, and antique stones. You can start according to your taste. Whenever you feel sad, see your vintage and antique collection.

23. New Language

Learning new languages is also included in the list of young women activities. This activity is just like learning how to sing or how to play a musical instrument. It is important to mention here that this activity is the choice of those young women that have enough time.

Young women who have adopted this activity say that it is a positive point to get a job in different multinational companies. In Pakistan, different Chinese companies are running and surely they will hire only those candidates who can speak and understand the Chinese language.

We all know that new technologies are bringing a big change in different departments. The same as learning different languages is important for a bright future. If you have no time to join any academy, you can learn it via different language apps.

24. Cooking & Baking

Cooking and baking are pure women’s activities. When it comes to the talk of young women, cooking and baking is an important parts of their life. Cooking and Baking are purely routine.

It can be adopted as a good pastime. Just visualize how you feel when someone says that you are good at cooking. You are an expert in making delicious recipes.

Cooking is now not a difficult task for women. Anyone can learn it from different books, or TV Cooking shows. Whenever someone appreciates your recipe, you will gain more confidence and it will uplift your mode.

Parallel to cooking is baking. This includes making cakes, sweets, pizzas, and pastries. A large number of young women or college students have adopted this activity as a hobby. The cooking and baking activity includes gather ingredients and start making a delicious recipe for your family.

25. Gardening

Many women are fond of flowers like roses and jasmine. Such women adopt gardening as their daily life activity. There is a common saying that if you have a green thumb, then surely you are a gardener or natural flower lover.

In addition, gardening is a very calm full hobby. Watering the plants, pots, sprinkling the urea fertilizer, and cutting the damaged stems is a very interesting activity.

According to research, gardening is one of the cheapest activities found for young girls. This is not common because a large number of homes have no garden inside. However, your determination and love for nature make you successful by placing plant pots in different areas of the house even if there is no lawn.

26. Flower Arrangement

If you search in the market, you will find a large number of companies that provide flower arrangements for functions, parties, birthdays, and marriages.

A large number of young women are attached to this profession. Because floral arrangement is considered an important part of the decoration. It is also a common thought that women are more creative and have different decorative ideas than men.

However, the decoration is not an easy task. It depends upon your creative skills. Many young women other than function, daily decorate their own homes. This activity refreshes their mind and subtracts the stress from life.

27. Sewing and Knitting

Sewing and knitting are purely female activities. But nowadays, males have also adopted this activity as a profession.

Young women say that learning this activity is art. This is because you can create creative designs on your clothes or sell your design to get money in return.

This art boosts your inner inspiration and sharpens your sewing skills. You need a stitching machine and a stitching thread.

Parallel to sewing is knitting. It is a little bit difficult to contact with sewing. You can start this activity by making a sweater for your family member to enhance your skills.

28. Interior Design

In the list of young women’s activities, interior design is a very renowned activity. A large number of females are linked with this profession parallel to males. Start from your home interior design and redesign your house.

In addition, while you are redesigning, you will feel that it takes your mind to a refreshing zone. Similarly, when you complete your interior design, your home will get a new look and surely it will relax your mode.

Many young women know nothing at the start but with the help of the internet, google searching, they sharpen their skills. If you are using a smartphone, you can take help from an interior designing app Planner 5D.

29. Pet Care

If we are making the list of the best young women’s activities, then why do we neglect Pet care activities? A large number of young women are pet lovers. They love pets like cats, and dogs, or may love birds, ducks, parrots, and fishes.

Regardless of the bird or animal, it is always a source of comfort to feed them. This particular activity is most commonly suggested for those women who are living a hard life alone.

Moreover, according to a survey, it is found that a large number of college girls have different types of pets and birds at home. Such girls daily visit the pet cages and spent some time with them.

30. Running

Sports are always a very active activity that is linked with your body. If you visit the nearby park in the morning, you will find a large number of women running there. According to the reviews of such runner women, this activity keeps them active for the whole day. In addition, this activity also keeps them physically fit.

Many physiotherapists say that running being an aerobic exercise is the best source of stress release. Such types of exercises increase the discharge of endorphins that reduce anxiety and stress.

31. Hiking

When a group of young women has spare time like holidays, they planned for Hiking. This hard activity can fade all of your stress to refresh and forget your difficulties.

Young women who are very fond of this activity say that it connects you to nature. Because you will appreciate the different natural wonders locally and internationally.

Experts say that a good link with natural wonders can significantly diminish stress levels.

32. Swimming

Just like hiking and running, you will find that a large number of young women spent their spare time swimming. This activity refreshes your mind by taking off your stressors.

This is because while swimming, you feel relaxed and calmer. Although swimming competition also occurs, if don’t want to take part in such competitions, just swim and feel relaxed in your environment.

33. Yoga

Yoga is an activity that is according to people just for women.  But this is the wrong concept because men can also do this activity.

This activity helps you get centered, so you are less probable to categorize in general. This physical activity has shown positive results to refill you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In addition, it refreshes your mind so you can work the whole day comfortably.

34. Visiting Museums (Historical Places)

Whenever some young women have spare time, they planned a unique activity of visiting nearby historical places or museums. Museums also include art galleries of past famous painters, calligraphers, and artists.

When you visit such places, it takes off your stress and refreshes your mind. When you admire the beauty of any historical place or an art piece in the art gallery, this is in return refreshing your body.

35. Volunteer

In the list of the best young women’s activities, the last activity is providing services as a volunteer. This is mostly found in college girls. After college time, such young and energetic women voluntarily provide services such as makeup at home, tuition to poor children, and teaching younger girls different sewing techniques.

One such girl during her interview said that this activity enhances her sense of belongingness and self-fulfillment. It makes you feel proud that you are part of something good and worthwhile.


The research shows that these young women’s activities are very important to sharpen your skills, make your body feel happy, instant relief from stress and anxiety, and improve blood circulation.

In this article, I have included the top 35 best young women’s activities. A lot of research is done before compiling the data. You can choose one of the activities from our list that suits you without disturbing your daily life routine.

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