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Hobbies for College Students – What to do in spare time?

A hobby is an activity that is performed regularly in free time to gain pleasure. People love doing their hobbies. They gain inner satisfaction doing it. Everyone has some hobbies, and the development of hobbies depend on various factor.

Students have some hobbies too so If you are a student and looking for a new hobby to start, which helps you pass your free time? The following list of hobbies for students has been carefully developed to give you a comprehensive overview of all the different hobbies you can even start today.

Students spent most of their time studying their courses, which can cause a burden on their minds, therefore, it’s a wise decision to relax their minds with useful hobbies. The following list of hobbies is classified as a way to match the interest and skill levels of students.

This means that they can start without spending much time learning about their selected hobby.

1. Painting and Drawing

Painting and Drawing

Painting is considered one of the most creative hobbies for college students. It is super dynamic work to do. According to a professional painter, painting is an art that everyone and anyone can do according to their skill level.

Moreover, if you visit the market, you will find different types of colors like watercolors, and oil colors. Acrylic colors, and poster colors that further increase your interest. A college student can paint on paper, canvas, and any other material like fabric.

In addition, the hobby of painting also enhances your creative skills. It is often seen that different college students arrange a painting competition and invite a professional painter. This, increase interest and more college students come into this field.

Furthermore, the professional painter also teaches you how to choose the color scheme according to the theme. Though it is easy to paint on any surface using a simple brush.  There are many techniques that you can use to sharpen your skills.

Empty Easel is one of the important tools that has thousands of tutorials regarding drawing and painting.

2. Book Club or Reading

Book Club or Reading

Reading is another very interesting hobby for college students. For all such students, some libraries contain millions of books on different subjects. Reading is a source of excitement and fun for such students.

Moreover, there is full liberty for each student to choose the book of their interest. In addition, a very important of this hobby is that it gives you knowledge of different parts of the world in just a few hours.

For all such students, if they have no access to the library, they can take advantage of E-book or take a hard copy at a lower price.

3. Music


In the list of the best hobbies for college students, music is also a sound activity for both genders. According to a survey, every person likes songs and music whether he/she sings or not. This is due to the reason that music feels sound to the ears.

According to many professional singers, the melody is itself soul while the music itself is the heart. The students with this hobby mostly made a music group and hire a professional artist that teaches them the basics of music.

In addition, professional singers let you how to sing a song and also how to write your song.

4. Games/Sports


Sports and games are also considered the top-rated hobby among college students. This is because participating in different sports not only sharpens your mind but also benefits you a lot to your body.

Moreover, according to experts, whether you play the game in a group or alone, gaming will increase the endorphins in your body which enhances the body and physical strength. If you have a look around you, you will find that a lot of games are free that requires no special tool or equipment.

A few like hockey need special guards that protect your knees. In brief, playing a game with friends or in the park is also a source of expanding social networks.

5. Meditation


After spending more than 10 hours in college, everyone got tired. This is not a problem all for those college students that adopted Meditation as a hobby. This is a hobby like sports that improves your mental health and lets you relax in a few minutes.

Yoga is one of the most meditation exercises. Many female college students have joined Yoga classes after their college time for regularity. The experts say that comfortable seating and breathing is the main exercise while meditation.

Moreover, just close your eyes, imagine light, and take deep breaths. In addition, if you are unable to concentrate, take help from a special app Headspace. This app has millions of tutorials on meditation.

6. Gardening/Growing Plants

Gardening/Growing Plants

Growing plants is also on the list of the best hobbies for college students. This is a hobby that makes your soul happy and warm. Seeing green sitting on the lawn also refreshes your eyes and mind.

In addition, gardening is gaining popularity as a hobby because urban gardens are becoming common to make a sustainable world. This hobby purely depends upon the space and location (area).

You can start with a few plants in your gardens like fruit plants, flowering plants, and other seasonal plants. All you need while gardening is the availability of water and sunlight.

7. Cooking

The list of the best hobbies for college students is incomplete without mentioning cooking. Numerous individuals don’t understand the amount they like cooking until they attempt it. Not exclusively will cooking help to save money when contrasted with continually eating out.

However, it is an imaginative choice to take care of your soul and body. Furthermore, if you learn new plans, you can generally impart your manifestations to your companions and make cooking into a social encounter.

8. Martial Arts

Hobbies for college students also include martial arts. It is a game of self-defense. This hobby is an important part of school and college students in China, Japan, and Korea.

In addition to self-defense, this hobby creates an atmosphere of team support, helping others, and focusing which leads to positive social interaction.

Moreover, those college students who adopted it as a hobby developed a strong sense of teamwork and self-control. This is because martial arts instructor always teaches you not to use this skill everywhere to threaten your friends.

Use it only in the case of self-defense. It also enhances self-esteem and self-confidence.

9. Hiking

We can never neglect Hiking among the best hobbies for college students. According to a very famous Author, Gregory Miller, Hiking is a game that leaves a positive impact on your mind and health.

In addition, doctors say that hiking lovers lower the risk of a heart attack because such persons have strong heart muscles. This hobby boosts your mood along with weight loss and enhances bone density.

Moreover, it is among those hobbies for college students that let them visit adventurous places, mountains, and other picnic sports.

However, it is very important to know how to use the Google mapping app or you must have a navigation campus. Weather is also important to consider before starting hiking.

10. Website Design & Development

If we forget to consider Website design and development in the list of the best hobbies for college students then it is not fair.

Although it is a professional skill you start working first by making your website. College students don’t need to waste time earning. They can use their website design and development skills as a source of earnings.

Moreover, it is a type of fun to create such a thing that later on becomes the source of earnings. College students just need an internet connection and a computer. The experts say that such college students can start with a template-based website that requires no special skill.

Later on, when you become an expert, you can earn a handsome amount online via this skill.

11. Volunteering

Setting aside a couple of hours a couple of days seven days to help other people is an extraordinary side interest. You can volunteer in one spot or bounce to better places every month. Food banks, creature safe houses, and others are continually searching for volunteer assistance.

Moreover, you can likewise arrange a drop-off point for garments or different needs and take them to nearby ladies’ old homes. There are numerous ways you can assist others. This is one interest that will cause you to feel great and have any kind of effect on the planet. Check out our other article for the 22 best hobbies for introverts.


A hobby is very important if you want to lead a happy and enjoy-full life. In the life of a student, the time spent in college is really unforgettable. The students are very curious that what to do in their free time. They normally choose games, net surfing, and the gym as their past-time hobby.

Although we have mentioned the top 11 best hobbies for college students, however, you need to choose the hobby that matches your education level and skill.

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