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You Know 20+ Signs Your Teenager is Sexually Active

Here are 20 signs that show up that your teenager becomes sexually active.

1. He/She is more secretive | Signs your teenager is sexually active

If you feel that your teenager is keeping things to be himself or herself, it could be a sign. Or if he/she stops to share things like at school or about the party, or events. If your child wants to retire from the room without discussion of his/her whereabouts might mean that your teen is active sexually.

2. He/she wants to wash his/her dresses

Keep in sight of your teenager very carefully. Is he/she washing his/her clothes, especially the underclothes? If they are using his/her washroom. In such cases, there are chances your teenager is active sexually.

3. He/she wants to know about birth control

If your teenager is talking about birth control and starts with you to know more about this. Then it is a sign your teenager is active sexually.

4. He/she wants regular sleepovers

If your child is started asking for sleepovers at a particular friend’s house. If you decline, your child force gets into a debate over the issue.

5. He/she calls friends when you are outside. 

If you are out of home and your child calls his/her friends at home, then there is a time to keep sight of them, and also, it denotes a sign that your teenager he/she become active sexually.


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6. His/her Rank dropped in studies

If your teenager has become low-ranked in his/her school and not taking an interest in a study properly, then there is a chance he/she is involved with someone, and this denotes a sign of active sexuality.

7. He/she wants to wear good-looking dresses

He/she wants to wear good-looking dresses

If your teenager becomes wearing a good-looking dress and wasting time on maintaining themselves more like girls that start wearing clothes that focus on showing excessive skin, this is the sign that denotes your child becomes active sexually.

8. He/She Starts Questioning | Signs your teenager is sexually active

If you feel that your teenager is having a question about intercourse and he/she starts asking a question. If he/she is involved in collecting information from social media and friends, this could lead to misinformation, and at that stage, parents have to become more curious to keep their children on track toward the right goal. These are the sign that denotes your teenager becomes active sexually.

9. He/She passing through Puberty

If your child is passing through the stage of puberty. He/she feels physical changes in their body boys usually at the age of 12 to 16 years and girls at the age of 10 to 14 years.

In girls, breast development and hair growth in pubic areas and armpits and also menstruation. In boys, usually, the hair grows in public areas, armpits and muscles grow, facial hair develops, and the voice deepens these all are the sign that your teenager becomes active sexually.

10. He/She Talking About their attractive

If your teenager he/she talking about their attractiveness like boys in friends discussing boys and girls in their company talking about boys, this is a clear sign that your teenager becomes active sexually.

11. He/She Started a relationship | Signs your teenager is sexually active

You have to keep insight into your child who he is involved in and which type of company of people and get them updates about stages of life so that their relationship with others becomes safe. It’s your responsibility to teach your child what is good and bad for them. In this way, they can avoid bad habits of having a relationship with their attractive. 

12. You Find Sexual Content on His/Her Mobile phones

You Find Sexual Content on His/Her Mobile phones

If your teenager is having sexual content on his/her mobile. Now is the time to share the correct information with them and warn them about the disadvantage of having this type of content. Because more than 90% of this content on the web is harmful, you have to share your views related to the subject with your child. Never try to force your child but keep them satisfied with your views and over time, take reviews and check their cell phone.

13. He/She making Friendship With Teens 

If you observed your teenager he/she is attracted to making teens friends. Then there is the sign that your teen becomes active sexually. Talk with your child and make them safe from such types of relations.

14. He/She is Preparing to Take a Sex Ed Class

If your teenager becomes involved in taking a sex education class. First, you have to keep avoiding your children from these. Keep them in your sight and give them the answer to their mind arising questions and give them a general overview of sex. And allows your child to ask a question and make them satisfied.

15. If your child arising a question about Birth/Birth control 

If your teenager he/she has a question about childbirth. In this, if your daughter raises a question about birth control, it means that she becomes active, and she needs some guidance from you. At that point, you have to tell about all the pros and cons of this and tell about all prevention methods.

16. Your teenager kept privacy 

If your child spends a lot of time in a separate locked room. And use their phone to become a security password and never let the phone unattended this has signed your teenager to become active sexually and involve in any unusual activity.  

17. Your teenager becomes more curious about you

If your teenager is in the chance that you are out of home and when you go outside, he asks about how much time you take outside. That gives a sign that your teenager becomes active sexually.

18. Your teenager becomes more worried about their appearance

If your child shows interest in making themselves more prominent, like the right dress with perfume daily basis, this means their interest in somebody. That is a sign of having active sexuality.

19. Your questions not be answered correctly

Whenever you observed that your teenager is not taking attention to your question and spend a lot of time outside with friends. That is where they are going and when they will be back, this gives a sign that your teenager is active sexually.

20. Change in attitude

Your teenager becomes more extroverted or introverted, depending upon your teen personality. If they are having sex using a comforter, this denotes a sign of active sexuality.

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