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Two handed handshake flirting – An Overwhelmed Gesture

A handshake is a common gesture of greeting or parting, but did you know that it can also be used for flirting? In particular, the two-handed handshake flirting has been known to convey romantic interest and create a deeper connection between two people.

This type of handshake involves one person placing their free hand on top of the other person’s hand during the shake, creating a physical touch that can be interpreted as intimate.

While some may view it as a harmless flirtation, others may find it uncomfortable or inappropriate. Regardless, the two-handed handshake remains a unique and potentially meaningful way to communicate attraction.

What are the two handshakes?

Gesture: The person shakes hands with both of its hands. The left hand touches the wrist and forearm while the right hand holds the hand.  

Meanings: The effectiveness of holding or shaking a hand with both hands is to show affection, love, flirt, and trust. The person wants to show its stronger bond or dominance.

Why people adopt a Two-handed handshake Body Gesture?

Why people adopt a Two-handed handshake Body Gesture

1. A positive symbol

It is considered a positive symbol when someone shakes both hands. Commonly, people don’t shake both hands as they preferred one- handshake meet-up.

When someone puts forward his hand towards you, then it means he is interested to talk to you maybe he likes you or trying to be your friend or looking forward to some good relations.

Obviously, the people who don’t shake hands show the least interest in getting close.  You will definitely avoid shaking hands to the one you don’t like or comfortable with.

2. Beware of haters

But there are some other factors to be aware of as well as people tries to be over sweet or sugar-coated while hatred in their heart. Humans can sense the vibes, therefore, you can sense the intentions or comfortability in the conduct. Don’t let someone play with your innocence.

3. Two-handed handshake

When someone shakes with both hands, then he is putting some extra effort to show his concerns. Although, it is an uncommon or unusual gesture to adopt.

Some people say that a two-handed handshake symbolizes some sort of love in his behavior.

The emotional break out in the deep handshake sometimes leads to flirting. Maybe the person intends to touch your hand with some intentions of seducing while staring at your eyes to read the expressions.

4. Respect Factor

According to the behavior research, sometimes a two-handed handshake is adopted for the respect factor as well. The person may respect you and show more positive emotions in his way of dealing.

5. A strong feel

Shake hand is a simple gesture to welcome someone, introduce to others, show positive feelings, greetings and others. On the other hand, a double Handshake is more intimate that leads to stronger emotions.

6. Feel of Guilt

Someone that has a feel of guilty – may be misconduct with you in the last meeting or not treat you well in the near past. Thus, a double handshake will make you feel good and adored.

7. Politician Handshake

Most positions adopt this way of shaking hands as this gesture shows a strong bond between two people.

Two-handed handshake flirting Technique

Two-handed handshake flirting Technique

Two-handed handshake flirting is also common nowadays, boys try to get the attention of the girls by holding their hands in both hands. The pressure on the palm of the hands gives them a sense of love and care. Similarly, some of the females also used this trick to give their boyfriends to show their intense feelings.

The Flirty Handshake

The things that are must include for a flirty handshake is to have eye contact with the person and smile on your face. The first body contact with your partner is made by a handshake. A flirty handshake is one that is mysterious, warm, and inviting.

You can achieve this by a two-handed handshake flirting technique. For this purpose all you need is to invite the handshake as normal you use to do. As your partner accepts the handshake then put the left hand on the back of it.

Your touch should be soothing and produce a gentle clasp. This way of touching will depict your intentions to be cozy and comfy. Moreover, touching is something that you need to earn, therefore, avoid touching in the initial stages of the meet-up. If you found your partner comfy with the things then adopt the way.

Three Interesting facts about Two-handed handshake flirting

Three Interesting facts about Two-handed handshake flirting

  • A two-handed handshake is mostly common in males. This is quite unusual that a male person holds a female hand with both of his hands until the intentions involved are flirting or touching the hands.
  • Most strangers adopt this way of greeting up to show his love. As close friends don’t adopt this way of expression.
  • An enemy may take the advantage to be over-nice or sugar-coated by greeting a Two-handed handshake. Some people are good actors and they believe in the quotation like “keep your friends close and enemies closer”. That’s is why they adopt techniques like this.


The two-handed handshake is a subtle yet powerful means of conveying love desire. It is important to recognize, however, that not everyone will take this gesture in the same manner, and it is critical to respect others’ boundaries and degrees of comfort.

We hope this article has helped you comprehend the two-handed handshake and its potential in flirting. We’d love to hear your views and feedback if you appreciated this post. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think about this topic. Thank you for your interest in our content.

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