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What If There was no Google? The Best Answer Yet


In 1996 SurgeryBrin and Larry Page combined together and start work on the idea that is Search Engine and named “Black Rub.” This was just a college application at the University of Stanford. After this, it changed its name from Black Rub to “Google.” Because they dislike the earlier name (Black Rub) of Google, Google Word is derived from googol, which is a mathematical term.

The co-founder of Sun (Andy Bechtolsheim) gives the idea that to promote Google in such a way as a garage in Menlo. Afterward, PC Magazines named Google for its 100 top websites in 1998.

Life without Google

Here we discuss what happened to life without Google.

It is so much complicated to say exactly that without googling how the entire world flow and performs work because this website is the most frequently visited in the world. Google is a vast company that employs more than THIRTY THOUSAND people.

1. Google’s Free Applications

Google's Free Applications

Google offered a variety of applications in which many of which are totally free. Google provides the facility and flexibility of using Gmail for sharing different types of documents with others. Google also provides the facility of using Google Docs for sharing documents with different people using the internet.

2. Navigating with Ease

Google provides the facility of using Google Maps which is useful for navigation. Also, a calendar for organizing activities. Apart from this, Google also provides the facility of using Google Analytics for tracking the statistics of the website and also a blogger for build and setting up a blog for personal and professional purposes.

3. Google’s Diverse Social Networking Services

And also for social networking google provide a lineup of services like Google Groups, Google Finance, Google Patents, Google+, and Google Scholar. Google provides the facility to use the Search Image option that facilitates you to get the best images that you want to use. The Search engine Google completely revolutionized the entire world to get any useful information from the internet by Google easy and quick.

4. Seamless Navigation with Google Maps

Without Google, people have to talk more with each other about problems and they may not get their required solution. The usage of library card rise day by day and people move toward libraries for getting useful information. Research consumes a lot of time for people and at home, they can’t do anything. And a lot of time consumes moving from home to a library and life become a time-consuming and this way hard work for everyone increases.

5. Google’s Revolutionary Impact on Information Access

So here we might think that other search engines are used as alternatives to Google. But I think that there is no competitor like Google now and when. Because it provides many apps, as well as features, mainly google invented Android which is a big change for people. With the facility of Google Maps in our Android smartphone we can move around the world easily. Without Google, it would never be possible.

6. The Rise of Libraries in a Google-less World

and people use the benefit of advertisement just because of Google. There is a number of writer and advertisers that design their own web pages and Google search bot facilitate them to find, rank and get traffic to their web pages. Google directs the traffic to the user’s blogs and web so that it ranks well which is the main goal of every website designer and blogger.

7. Time-Consuming Research Challenges

Google facilitates every type of user this is the great functionality of Google that makes him different from all others. Google launched youtube which is a free platform for all types of videos and information. It includes earning videos child funny videos even cultural videos and many more.

8. Overcoming Information Retrieval Challenges at Home

We are living in a world that is continuously changing and similar to this google upgraded from time to time with a lot of features. So we get to the conclusion that if there was no Google another search engine will replace its position but life is so different without Google because there is no flexibility in another search engine like Google. and we are not aware of an Android cell phone.

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