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10+ Ways to Honor Veterans Day Activities for Elementary Students

eterans Day is a federal holiday that often grants students a day off from school. However, it is important for teachers to engage in various Veterans Day activities with elementary students prior to the holiday.
These activities aim to educate students about the significance of Veterans Day and honor the brave men and women who protect their country. By involving children in such activities, we express gratitude for the sacrifices made by these individuals while fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of this commemorative day.

History Behind Veterans Day 

Veterans Day is an important holiday dedicated to honoring the courageous men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. It is a day to commemorate their bravery, sacrifice, and dedication to our nation.

We remember those who have given so much to safeguard our freedom. This holiday provides us with an opportunity to encourage acts of gratitude within our society.

Recognizing the value of these community members is a crucial lesson to take away. It helps students understand that Veterans Day is not merely a day off from school for fun, but a chance to gain a deeper insight into this special occasion.

Why Veterans Day Celebrations are Essential for Students?

Veterans Day celebrations offer an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about the military and its vital role in our society. By learning about it at a young age, students develop respect and gratitude.

Elementary students should learn about Veterans Day, and teachers should design activities specifically tailored to their age group. The elementary school years are ideal for instilling a sense of devotion to their roots, enabling them to realize the true value of freedom.

Through Veterans Day celebrations, students can learn about the history of our nation’s military conflicts. This helps them understand the significance of these conflicts and their impact on our society. Additionally, it allows students to connect with veterans and learn from their experiences. Veterans Day activities foster a sense of patriotism and respect for those who have served our country among students.

Interactive and Educational Veterans Day Activities for Elementary Students

There are plenty of Veterans Day activities for students to engage in, both indoors and outdoors. Teachers can incorporate these activities into their lesson plans to enhance classroom engagement. However, it is important to select activities that are appropriate for the age group of the students.

Here, we present a selection of Veterans Day activities for elementary students that will yield fruitful results for your class.

1-  A Wall of Honor

A Wall of Honor

Create a wall of honor where students recognize and show appreciation for local veterans by researching and compiling information about them on posters or bulletin boards.

2- Letters and Cards 

Encourage students to write heartfelt messages of thanks to veterans, incorporating drawings or artwork to express their admiration and gratitude.

3- Invite Local Veterans

Invite Local Veterans

Arrange for local veterans to visit the classroom, either in person or through virtual meetings, allowing students to interact with them, ask questions, and learn from their experiences.

4- Military Memorial Site Trip

Organize a field trip to a military memorial site to help students deepen their understanding of the significance of Veterans Day and develop empathy and respect for those who have served our country.

5- Hosting a Parade

Hosting a Parade

Organize a parade where students can show their enthusiasm for the armed forces, create posters and signs, and dress up in patriotic colors or military-inspired costumes.

6- Write a Thankful Note

Write a Thankful Note

Encourage students to write thankful notes expressing their love and respect to veterans, which can be collected and delivered to veterans’ organizations or hospitals.

7- Interview a Veteran

Interview a Veteran

Conduct interviews with veterans to learn more about their experiences, training, deployment, and challenges, recording or transcribing the interviews for future reference.

8- Volunteering Services

Engage students in various community service projects and volunteer activities to honor veterans, such as collecting and sending care packages or writing letters to deployed soldiers.

9- Veterans Day Headband

Encourage students to create Veterans Day headbands using construction paper, decorations, and patriotic symbols, reinforcing their understanding of the meaning behind the day.

10- Time to Flash Activity 

Play a game where students flash cards with Veterans Day symbols and concepts, testing their observation and memory skills while increasing their knowledge of the holiday.

5- Books for Elementary Students to Read About Veterans Day

  • What Does it Mean to Be American
  • Night Catch
  • Why You Are Away
  • God Blessed Our Troops
  • H is for Honor

5- Movies to Watch on Veterans Day 

  • History of Veterans Day 
  • Kid Explorer: Veterans Day 
  • Honoring All Who Served
  • Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood
  • The Wall Read-Along


Veterans Day is an important national holiday celebrated in the United States. It provides a unique opportunity to teach students about the service of the armed forces. These Veterans Day activities can encourage students to contribute to our country. These activities can be effective ways to teach students about this important holiday. Honoring our veterans also instills important values of patriotism and civic duty in future generations.

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