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How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them Over Text | 10+ Ways

If you don’t know how to tell your crush you like them over text, the first thing is to build your relationship strong before getting into expressing your love. Spending as much time as possible with them over text messaging, participating in conversation, and learning about their interests and hobbies.

Flirting with your crush by asking deep questions through text and making funny jokes might draw you both closer. In addition, this is something you may do before declaring your love through SMS.

Telling your crush you like them over text is the best way to do that. Before getting into that, we need to tackle when you shouldn’t tell them that you fall for them. You shouldn’t be telling your crush about your feelings at once if you are barely ever spoken to.

You need to know more about your crush in depth. Because the only way you’ll be successful is if you express how you feel by confessing your love rather than speaking.

10 Ways to Tell Your Crush You Like Them Over Text

Text messaging may be a wonderful way to start a discussion if you are shy or nervous about approaching someone in person. Texting allows you to communicate more efficiently while also allowing you to manage the pace of your conversation.

If you’re having trouble expressing yourself through text messages, I’ve put up a list of 10 specific strategies to get you started.

1. Build Up Momentum On Next

Rather than greeting them and just stating, “I’m in love with you and want to share my life with you,” let them get to know you better through text messages. Create momentum by deciding where to begin and what steps to take next.

Maintaining momentum while texting is critical if you want things to progress quickly or become serious. Many men did not attempt to keep things informal and were in a rush, which caused them to quit before completing the task.

For greater outcomes, keep things going slower and stick to the subject. Furthermore, exploring nature, talking about some hilarious events in life, and enjoying the time of future planning are all wonderful approaches to developing momentum in your speaking style. 

2. Leave A Hint Over Text

After having a casual conversation, you may know better about your crush’s interests. Make a discussion using the 2-in-1 combination to show your crush that you like them.

For instance, you may begin a casual discussion with “Hello, how are you?” You might ask them what kind of food they prefer to eat, along with a simple question if he would like Spaghetti.

Sending a confession message such as Spaghetti is also one of my favorite meals, and I have found a new place for Pasta. It would be wonderful to take a date there and try the Pasta. Would you like to join me on a date? Do you have anything planned for the weekend after that?

Using a combination of text while chatting with your crush is the best approach to express to them that you like them.

3. Plan Your Execution

Plan Your Execution

If you are the type of person that gets nervous easily and is shy, you can slowly drop signs such as heart stickers via text. Find a date that you are going to confess your feelings to them. In this way, you have a goal in your mind to let them know about your love.

Before your actual confession day, give them signs without saying you like them and see how they respond. Below I put together some examples that help you execute your plan without saying.

  • “It’s been hours since we texted; I was starting to withdraw.”
  • “It warms my heart whenever I get a text from you.”
  • “You make me laugh 😍.”
  • “I can’t sleep because I can’t get my mind off of you.”

4. Keep It Simple

Just keep things light and don’t try to probe too much. Ask them how the day is going, or send them a funny meme or something like that. It’s hard to have a super deep conversation over text, so don’t push it too hard when it comes to complicated questions.

Be sticky and simple to the point so that the receiver should understand the text easily. Don’t abbreviate or use acronyms because messages can lead to the wrong translation, such as sending “ILY–I’m Leaving You.” Please don’t play games with them, be mature about it.

If a person doesn’t like you, don’t make a big deal about it and complain. Stay cool; if they like you, don’t expect to be in a relationship immediately. Sometimes it needs to take them slow and simple to get better results.

5. Give Them a Compliment

Make them feel by sending them compliments to flatter their interest over text. Simple and short messages can be a good way to compliment if you want to tell your crush that you like them over text. For example, your performance was impressive in the last match. I like the way you smile and walk over there in a group.

Avoid saying anything about your interests until you make your bonding a little strong. Just be direct and simple rather than saying things like, I don’t know why I’m weird about it, but I think you are great at basketball.

Below I have put together some pick-up lines that can help to give a compliment straightforwardly.

  • “No wonder the sky is gray today.”
  • “Remember Me? Oh, That’s Right, I’ve Only Met You In the class.”
  • “You Know What You Would Look Beautiful In? My Arms.”
  • “Can’t wait to hear what you think of the most recent season of Stranger Things!”
  • “I love the cologne you wear! What brand is it?”

6. Ask Deep Questions

Ask them some open-ended questions that can go deep to explain rather than just a yes or no reply. This is a great way to get your crush to open up for an ongoing conversation. Ask them about their favorite food, movies, games, or anything else you think can be interesting.

Try to be honest with them if you feel you are ready to share your feelings. If you are not, try asking yourself, “What do you ask, and why you should ask?” Asking deep questions can draw them out and get them to confess their feelings first.

It is a simple and easy way to express your feelings over text. You can have time to think before getting into sharing something.

  • “I just saw the best up-sexy ever.”
  • “What’s a smart, attractive person without your phone number?”
  • “Sorry it took me so long to message; I was at Whole Foods trying to figure out what you like for breakfast.”
  •  “🍴 All I’m missing is the little spoon.”

7. Send Funny Memes

Send Funny Memes

In this way, you have to send your crush funny love memes and videos that remind you of them. The next time you find a meme or video that makes you laugh, send it to your crush with a message that says something like, “This made me think of you!” with the laughing emoji. You could even say something like, “I was thinking of you.

For example, if your crush said that he loves cats, find a compilation of funny cat videos on YouTube and send it to him with a message that says, “For you, cat lover,” with the cat emoji. Telling your crush that you’re thinking of him is a great way to send more flirty texting.

  • “They say that kissing is a language of love, so would you mind starting a conversation with me?”
  • “I’m not into watching sunsets, but I’d love to see you go down.”
  • “Your body is 70 percent water… and I’m thirsty.”

8. Remember to Get Their Feedback

When you tell your crush you like them in the text; if they get back instantly, it would be great if you succeed in reaching your goal. What if you didn’t get any reply? Wait as long as you continue to hope for the answer from your crush or until you realize that no response is forthcoming.

But what if they send just a confusing emoji “huh”? Don’t give it up by getting a confusing response; make sure you ask them how he feels about you. Be direct and ask about it and get closure if needed. It’s better to get hurt over a text than a person.

9. Spend Quality Time with Them Over text

Before confessing your love to them, spend quality time with them to make your bonding a little strong. Spending quality time over text with your crush would be the best way to express your love and affection with undivided attention.

Schedule your time when your crush is free to reply to you back. Send them a “good morning, noon, evening, and night” message in time. After that, you may ask them about his plans for today. Sending them some witty text messages can be a way to start a conversation with them.

10. Make them Feel You Value Them

Make them Feel You Value Them

Active listening is one of the most loving things to make them feel that you value them. Instead of giving them your thoughts and opinion, ask them for their suggestions on any matter. Try to learn it slightly and focus on what he says over text.

Ask your thoughtful crush questions and avoid trying to offer your suggestion until they ask for your opinions. By giving them respect, you make them feel valued. This is what makes them fall for you. It will argue and make them curious for the next meeting. It is an easy way to express your feelings without speaking over text.

Final Thoughts:

I’ve explored a few basic tactics for getting to know the person with whom you’re falling in love through text messages. I’ve discussed how to text properly. In addition, I go through the various techniques of sending messages in detail, with several examples.

In recent years, texting has grown into a means of communication. It’s also the most efficient way to bring the two of you closer together. If you know his secrets and personality traits, it’s simple to captivate your sweetheart via SMS.

Hopefully, now you know well how to tell your crush you like them over text. After reading this article, you will convey your love sentiments through text. Thanks for reading Loving Doll Beauty.

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