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15+ Reasons Why I’m Not Sexually Attracted to My Husband

Not feeling a sexual spark in your husband can create a terrible situation and shut off your relationship. Sex and Intimacy are the need and expectations of a committed relationship. Sexual attachment makes a couple’s bond stronger. But what if you are not sexually attracted to your hubby?

Don’t worry about that if you feel that you are no longer sexually attracted to your husband. Over time, it happens among many couples. Based on my experience, I coach couples to take over the crisis of not being sexually attracted to each other. I highly recommend reading how to keep your husband attracted to you since we have discussed some good points.

Here, I’ll discuss some common issues I have found in recent years among different couples, particularly why women are not sexually attracted to their husbands and how to overcome this prevalent crisis.

Why You’ve Never Been Sexually Attracted to Your Husband 

I have done a lot of research about relationships and their complexities. And I have helped thousands of couples in recent years and did many things to help them through my skills and experience. 

As a relationship problem solver expert, I met several women with the same problem of no longer being sexually attracted to their hubby’s.   

I have analyzed some common issues that cause not being sexually attracted to your husband in recent years.

Physical Attraction

Physical Attraction

If you feel your husband has stopped noticing you and are reducing attraction to him, reflect on yourself if you have stopped being physically attractive. Have you noticed why you look odd? If you don’t take care of your skin, body, and facial attraction, definitely you will reduce your sexual attraction to your husband. I have published a 10-step guide for looking attractive to your husband. It can help you.

If you went through this crisis of not being sexually attracted, it is your fault. Your embarrassing look is the only thing that pushed your husband away from you. 

It doesn’t matter if you are not beautiful naturally, but if you don’t try to look cute, it can shut off this relationship. 

Lack of Expressing Love

Not showing love and dedication to your husband causes a lack of sexual attraction. Lack of expressing love takes you both far away from each other. While expressing love is the way to keep your loved ones attracted. This is why, relationship experts say, love should be expressed over time, and it must be expressed again and again.

Showing love sparks association or connection between couples, whether intimate or sexual. It’s not all about sexual relationships, but it also involves dramatic or passionate gestures to express your feelings. 

Lack of Communication

Lack of communication makes you boring and less attractive, whether emotionally or sexually. Everyone has quite a different nature, either funny or quite silent. If you are funny, it is quite ok, but if you are a silent person, it is not good for a relationship. 

If you are a silent person, it won’t be very pleasant for your husband. He expects to talk to you, share his feelings with you, and listen to you too. Less communication takes him far away from you. 

Your silence makes you less emotionally and physically attracted to your husband despite love and affection.  

Lack of Intimacy

Lack of sex and Intimacy leads to reducing the sexual attraction to your husband. If you are not sexually aggressive and you do not get desired sex, it makes your partner far away from you. 

Physical attraction is necessary for a successful relationship. It is the way that raises the attachment and feeling of love between the two. It creates an emotional relationship between the couple. 

During Intimacy, both of them get a lot of joyous feelings. Lack of Intimacy creates an annoying situation for your husband.

Lack of Intimacy is one of the biggest reasons you are not sexually attracted to your spouse. It leads your husband into an annoying situation. Despite too much love between us, he thinks you are not fit for a physical relationship.

Expecting More With Marriage

Certain expectations come when you get married. While if you marry your friend, it leads to expecting more with marriage. Before getting married, you expect Intimacy physically and emotionally. And now, for you, it is too difficult to understand what happened and why you are not sexually attracted to your husband. 

As a friend, everything was fine, but over time, careless and non-serious behavior makes you feel a lack of attraction to your husband’s marital sex. 

If you don’t take your relationship seriously, you are a big fool. If your partner’s behavior changed and he left the bedroom, did you ever feel why he did that? Expecting more with marriage and not taking it seriously among you and your partner takes the lack of spiritual and physical intimation.  

Drinking Alcohol

Drinking Alcohol

Before marriage, it is ok to go outside, get a drink, and dance in the bar. But after marriage, you need to change yourself. If you marry your friend with whom you do parties and go outside, it may be ok for him, but none of the others want his partner to get drunk. 

If you are expecting not to leave your drinking habit, it will be a bit foolish. If your spouse doesn’t like drinking alcohol, you will reduce your husband’s sexual and emotional attraction.

Shouting on Him

Usually, it happens to every couple quarreling and shouting at each other. If you are not polite and can’t bear even a little misunderstanding, It can create a terrible situation for your relationship. Without knowing the reasoning, shouting at him leads to shutting off your emotional and physical attraction. 

 If you keep on shouting at him, it will make your husband annoyed and less attracted to you. The relationship is meant to be trust, affection, and love. There is no place for doubt. And this is what ends your relationship.

Rather than try to find his weaknesses try to find love and affection. It will help to strengthen your relationship.

Meeting with Others

Meeting with Others

Before marrying, if you go outside, do parties, drink alcohol, dance, and meet with others, it’s ok. But after marriage, you have to change yourself, and you have to stop going outside and meeting with others. There is no place for a third-person while in a relationship as it is a fact. 

No one can bear this, and if you keep meeting with others, he will definitely change and go far from you. Even if you don’t have any relationship with others, this bad habit can destroy your relationship. He stops talking to you, sharing a bed, and Intimacy evenly.

Intimacy is a basic need for a successful relationship. If you notice you are not feeling a sexual spark for your husband, it can affect your relationship. 

If you want to re-ignite the sexual flame and passion with your husband, here are some key points to re-spark sexual attraction between you and your husband. 

Spark your relationship with a relationship expert today. 

Dress and Look Better

Instead of wearing loose-fitting cloth, you should try fit clothing that can appeal to the curves in your body. Tight-fitting clothes highlight your body assets. In addition, putting on some light makeup matching your dress makes your look attractive. 

An eye-catching look tends your husband to keep you noticed. And every sexiest gesture in your appearance can drive your man mad; try them. If you want to ignite the heat in the bedroom, you must invest in some sexy lingerie.

 Moreover, wearing a stain-finish dress rather than your traditional dress will work for you. 

Closer your Space

If your husband has created a space between you, he is not sexually attracted to you anymore. You need to communicate with him and find out why he goes away from you. 

Lack of communication and other bad habits can cause no attraction and create space between both of you. Give respect to his decision and try to follow what he wants. By spending a couple of time with him and following what he expects, you can come closer to your husband

Spending a lot of time with your husband impacts pulling him to feel for you. Be aggressive and be starter intuitive for sex. These excessive intimate gestures can lead to anxiety. In this case, your husband feels desirable and needed rather than feeling a burden for you. 

Over time, the exposure to your husband ignites, and he contributes to your lack of attraction. 

Do Something Exciting

Doing dramatic and exciting activities increases the desire for Intimacy in couples. Pick an activity you both have never done before that will build interest and ignite the sexual spark. 

Go outside with him, cook new recipes, or do something else that breaks up your daily routine. It not just makes your mind fresh but also takes you both closer.  

Appreciate Him What He Likes

It is human nature; if you want a better outcome with your relationship, you need to appreciate the effort that he put in for you. It is another best trick to captivate your husband’s attraction toward you. Rather than focusing on negatives, believe in your spouse, and appreciate him. 

Feeling support and appreciation for your husband will make him more appealing and closer to you. If he does something that you don’t like, before shouting at him, look back at why he did that and for what. 

For example, if he leaves hair in the bathroom sink after shaving, think positively about it. Would you believe he still cares enough to make sure he grooms you only? Even though small changes can re-spark your love. The more positive feelings you have, you will feel more attracted to him.   

Looking Into His Eyes Deeply

Attraction starts with the communication of the eyes. Looking into his eyes deeply is another tool to get his attraction. It is scientifically proven that looking into someone’s eyes for a specific time increases interaction and attraction. 

Gazing deeply into a husband’s eyes for a couple of times on end may seem a bit creepy, but it can work for a sexual spark. 

Show Him More Affection

Not feeling into your partner might shut you off physically from him. It is hard enough to be romantic if you are physically turned off. And not getting intimate takes you both far away from each other. 

Sex is a human need and is a vital part of any relationship. This is what you show your love and affection to make your bonding stronger. Physical touch makes you feel good and less stressed. 

Your availability and smiling face show your affection, which makes you attracted to him. 

Final Thoughts!

The big reason behind shutting off relationships is not being sexually attracted to husbands. Marriage life starts with the expectation of love, trust, and Offcourse sexual desires. It is necessary to keep yourself attracted. Without sexual attraction, your relationship can run into suffering.  

If you are a victim of having no longer been attracted to your husband and wonder why and how to come out of this crisis of no longer being attracted, this article is for you. 

As a relationship expert, I have included several reasons why your spouse has changed and how you can take your place back in your hubby’s life. Sex is the only thing that can bring this magic back. This is what keeps two people consistently involved with each other. 

This article is highly recommended for the couple falling in trouble having no sexual and spiritual attraction to each other. Based on my experience, I have listed down several methods to bring back a spark in your marriage life. 

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