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Crafting Love: Minecraft Pick-up Lines to Melt Hearts!

Girls and boys are interested in Minecraft games, send some Minecraft pickup lines to be a little bit flirty, and loving, and play with words at the same time. We feature some common gameplay characters, accessories, and items to make some interesting pick lines. Have a look to find the one you are looking for!

1. Top Minecraft Pickup Lines

I would like to water your crop with my bone meal.

As you make my piston sticky so are you a slimeball?

I think you know to hack because you hacked my heart too.

Are you a Minecraft fence because I never get over you?

Are you an enderman? Because I wanna look at your eyes.

Do you have a diamond pickaxe? Because I am harder.

You are a lever because you turn me on.

You can make my creeper explode.

My sapling grew whenever I saw you.

Although I am not a professional miner, yet I can make your bedrock.

To spend time with you, I can trade all of my diamonds.

You light me on fire because you are the sun and I am the zombie.

Whenever I see you I get wood.

I want to tame you for a forever ride.

I have to put a lot of things in your chest.

I want to dig you out because you are a block of dirt.

You are the torch that lightens my world.

You are the health indicator to my heart.

Are you blaze as you are on fire?

You let me grow to 8 inches because you are a bone meal.

2. Few More Minecraft Pick-up Lines

I heard that herobrine lost his eyes while looking at you.

I am falling because I am a sand particle.

You are sweet enough so no need to eat my cake pie.

You are the skeleton of my bones.

I think you are a witch as I am under your spell.

Are you a diamond armor for me?

Hey, you are my mob grinder.

You sit and relax, as I will the whole digging.

Can you chop my wood with your mouth?

You are the gravel to my love.

I hope you find these top 30 Minecraft pick-up lines funny, cute, and flirty to send someone special via WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other social media.

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