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Loving You Poems – Best Poems List for Love

Love is the name of feelings and inspiration in which the emotions carry out both sides. Romantic relationships are the spice of life, and all these things make us feel alive in a way that nothing else can. Love is a sign of care and affection for someone special. When people share these poems with the special ones we also say that with lovers.

In Love, everything becomes seems to lighten and be hopeful for lovers. Here we share Best Loving You Poems for you so that you enjoy our best collections. A few are sad or angry.

1. I Love You

I Love You

***I don’t care you as if you were a fragrance of salt, topaz,

or sign of carnations that propagate heat:

I Love You as one wants certain obscure items,

secretly, in the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the root of the plant that doesn’t bloom but carries

the shine of those flowers, hidden, within the self,

and appreciate to your love the aroma that arose

from the universe lives dimly in my whole body.

2. I love you without knowing how

I love you without knowing how, when, or from where,

love you directly without problems or worries:

I love you like this because I do not know any other way to passion,

except in this type in which I am not near to you,

so your hand upon my chest is mine,

close that your eyes close with my dreams.***

3. When I Look at You

Here is one of the top-rated Loving You Poems, full of love expressions and feelings.

***Every moment when you say I love you,

My breathing goes insane.

The sensation of your closeness for me

is almost like a worry.

And the shine in your eyes

Every time you speak,

It sends lights down my eyes

And makes my power weak.

Every time when you say I Love

Your Smile Brightens up my expression,

Makes me looser all over,

While my feelings begin to race.

And when you kiss me in romance,

My lips quiver at the upper.

I am overwhelmed with the happiness

that you love me a lot.

My all being surrenders

With all the things you do,

And all because those unique words

That you say………. I LOVE YOU***

4. Love you, Sweetie,

***Sweetie, I love you so.

Sweetie, you are my heart and soul.

I think I could spread wings to fly

Every time I gaze into your sights.

Sweetie, I love you so.

Sweetie, you are my heart and soul.

I am always with you now and ever.

Together forever, our love is right.

Sweetie, I love you so.

Sweetie, you are my heart and soul.

Our hearts beat as once

As we gaze in stronger love than the sun.

Sweetie, I Love You.

Sweetie, you are my heart and soul.

Our livings have been entwined infinitely.

Our love is truly one of happiness.

Sweetie, I love you so.

Sweetie, you are my heart and soul.

Together forever is what we will be.

Together forever, Sweetie, just me and you***

5. Soul of Heart

***Again I am sitting with pen and paper in my hand in front of me,

Closing all the doors, trying to become feelings free.

Carefully I am thinking of the words to write about Loving You.

Don’t want to keep anything hidden.

Everything in my thinking I wanna say.

For so long I’ve been trying time after time.

Guessed it’s normal, but it’s not in a way.

How difficult I tried to tell you

In all the way, but I couldn’t do so.

Just in words, I have to write.

With magical words that’ll make All right.

Love you deeply from the Soul of My Heart.

Life means nothing when we’re alone.

No one but you can feel that all.

Oh, my sweet we are mean to be; that is our fate.

Please always be with me and forever.

Stop all things, but never leave me.

Right inside my soul, you will always be.

So pleased I feel when you and me together.

To you, I wish to be always near

6. You Are My Life

***Loving You Poems: You’re the beating of my life.

The love you give all for me.

My life is no longer bright.

You make your hand so sweetly.

I am nothing if you’re away.

You complete me all the way.

I cherish your day and night.

Without your closeness, I cannot live.

I need your hands on mine.

Nothing at all I wouldn’t donate.

I’ll take nothing and be happy.

In your arms, I’m always happy,

So pleased and so proud.

The day you’ll feel alone,

Never come that day.

I Love You Whole Heartedly.

7. You Are in My Thoughts

You Are in My Thoughts

***As I lie in my room,

Your name’s running through me all over.

All I think of you always,

All that you do it,

And the way you saw at me.

I feel as if I’m in a work.

The blue sky

Reminds me of your eyes,

Which gives me butterflies to fly.

You have shined my life.

With that your look.

No longer is my life a trial.

Your closeness is like a heaven

upon my young body.

If you only knew

That what I say is real

I would do anything just to be together with you.

Body to body, palm to palm.

Just hold me in your closer.

I love you with all my soul.

‘Till the last day when it falls apart.

I may be sweet,

But my heart is so strong.

I know what true love is.

It’s my name and yours.

You make float away all the problems,

No matter how was my life.

I love our heart-to-heart gossip

when our beats meet

and when my life starts to fade back***.

8. March Born poem

***Praise the spells and bless the love the Loving you Poems,

I found March in my arms.

March golden, March cloudy,

Tender, Gracious, Cruel, Trowdy;

March soft in flowered languor,

March cold with sudden anger,

Everchanging, ever true Love

I love March, and I love you***.

9. You are My Love

You are My Love

***I never really know about you.

You were just my friend,

But when I got to know about you,

I let my heart uncontrolled.

I couldn’t help past moments

That would only make me angry.

I had lost my first love

And take another step.

So I’ve in love with you,

And I’ll never allow you to go.

I love you more than anybody.

I just had to let you know about you.

My hopes for you will never change.

Just know my love is true.

Just remember this thing –

I will always love you a lot***.

10. I Think of You

***every time I think of you.

In my work,

in my day and night,

Every time I think of you.

All dark all day, hoping you’re all time,

Every time I think of you,

Wishing that you also thinking of me.

Every moment, every time of the day, Always I think of you.

I really do love it.

All because I love you a lot***.

11. I Always Love You

There are moments when you worry me and cause me anger,

but no matter what, “I always love you more and more.”

There are harsh words you might say that will cause me to hurt and bring me sad,

but no matter what, “I always love you more and more.”

There are going to be new decisions you make that will disappoint me,

but no matter what, “I always love you more and more.”

There are steps you might act upon that will cause me to worry about you,

but no matter what, “I always love you more and more.”

There will be times where you will make me sad and bring me to hopelessness,

but no matter what, “I always love you more and more.”

There will be unforgivable steps that you bring upon me,

but no matter what, “I always love you more and more.”

There will be lies told to me in which you judge my trust,

but no matter what, “I always love you more and more.”

12. You are My Best Partner

My love for you will never become dark.

Within our feeling how love begins.

You give me the hope to stand up.

You reach out to me every time I’m about to die.

There is not a time you’re not on my strength.

A lover like you is really difficult to find.

The time without you is so hard.

I cannot even live a moment without you.

I love to hold you and hold your hug.

From this day on, you are my very best partner.

I’m very glad to wake up beside you all the time.

“I love you” are the best words you always say.

I love it when I looked at you.

I see no hope and no lies.

Forever in my soul is where you will be.

No one else because you have the only one.

Just to keep you, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do.

Because Partner, I love you so much***.


Loving You Letters

13. If My True Love for You

If my true love for you were a big ocean,

it would turn deeper than I have ever sea

If my true love for you was measurable,

it would go back to when time start.

If my true love for you were a timeless work of talent,

it would be priceless to me all.

If my true love for you were a precious diamond,

it would be real in clarity.

If my true love for you were West End music,

only the best rhythm would ever be sung.

If my true love for you were a comedy,

it would be full of smiles, laughter, and joy.

If my true love for you was written by a writer,

then William Shakespeare would write every step.

If my true love for you were a classic love,

then, like a role, it would keep the perfect moment.

If my true love for you were champagne,

then each part would taste like unique gold.

If my true love for you were a fable,

it would be the real story that was ever to be described.

If my true love for you were a piece of sound,

then each paragraph you would compose.

If my true love for you were a rose,

then it would be the red rose.

My love for you

I try to explain in so many ways.

Within my deepest soul and heart,

I know I will love you till the last of my days***.

14. You are Made for Me

You’re the only choice for me

because you were made only for me.

Now I’m in front of you

asking for you love me too.

You’re the feelings of my life,

the one who lights my world.

All-time you come in my thinking,

I can’t say anything more.

I like your lovely body;

I can take you to any position.

You mean all things to me.

I will think for you always and love you.

You’re the one choice for me,

and I wish that you forever be mine.

I will love the feelings on you

because for me you’ll be all.

You have all hopes that I wished,

my passion that brightens through.

You’re the woman that my wishes granted

and love me the way I love you so much.

I will give you my hope

that can never finish.

No problems what happens,

it will be just you and Me***.

15. Complete Love

Ever time

I laid looking at you,

I knew for happiness

This was hope come reality.

Every time my heart wishes,

In one single step,

Fell into the lap,

Made my love raise.

I know all now

My life is complete with you.

No more struggles

Or battles to compete.

Now I see

My life at last.

Up the life channel we go,

Together it’s a surprise.

You explained

The right meaning of love,

My life’s angel,

Sent from start.

The heart contains blood

We cannot live without this,

But I share with you my heart,

In full of trust, without any doubt.

For times to come

We will become harder.

Together, hands in hands

And forever always.

I love you a lot

With all my soul.

You met me complete

And made me full***.


Loving You

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Loving You Poems:

What is the most beautiful love poem ever written?

Since There’s No Help, by Michael Drayton
How Do I Love Thee, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Love’s Philosophy, by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Love, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
A Red, Red Rose, by Robert Burns

What type of poem is best for love?

The most popular include sonnets and free-verse. An acrostic love poem would also be the best choice. Pick a form that you feel suits the subject of the poem and your skills as a poet. You may also choose a form based on whether you want the poem to rhyme or have a very rigid structure


Falling in love deeply is the most stunning and beautiful feeling, so, if you can’t express it by telling her, these best Loving You Poems can help. Select one of these heart-touching poems and send your special one. These top-rated Loving You Poems, full of love expressions and feelings can work for you.

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