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How to Deal With the Situation When You’re in Love With a Guy Who Has a Girlfriend

Are you going through the condition “he loves me but has a girlfriend,” then I will elaborate on some facts and figures in this regard.

Let me explain the scenario under discussion first. Here we are suggesting relationship solutions on the statistic that you and your boyfriend love one another, but your man has a girlfriend that is unaware of your relationship.

Having a girlfriend and starting a relationship with someone else is considered the most dishonest act. Cheating in a relationship should not be forbidden. However, love is a mystical feeling, and sometimes a man can lose his heart and confess his love for the other person.

Go! For the second one!

According to the research studies on the relationship

“If you have a girlfriend and still fall in love with the second one, then go for the second one.” As it has been seen in different relationships, a person when starting a second relationship, then a time comes when he decides whom to choose or not.

It is advisable to choose the second one. This is because if you were happy with your first relationship, then there would never be the question of the second woman in your life. Solve this mystery and accept your heart with the truth of love.

Cheating with both girls

Cheating with both girls

Another scenario in this regard is the man cheating with both of the girls. He is comforting her that he loves her and that you are the only one in his life while taking no real step in this regard to leaving her ex. Maybe he is saying the same thing to her girlfriend and ditching both of you at the same time.

Some boys prefer to have multiple girlfriends to boost in front of their friends. Beware of such cheaters as they ruin not only your life but also the other girl.

Girls are emotionally sensitive; therefore, the denial of acceptance is obvious. If you deny this fact and believe that he loves you and will tell this to her girlfriend, then ask him to do so. Thus, you can see the real color of your boyfriend.

Lack of Decision Power

Lack of Decision Power

The third condition that we observed in such relationship complexities is that the boyfriend does love you, but he lacks the decision power. Although, it is difficult to judge the men’s minds in this matter. Maybe he is counting some other factors instead of love feelings to break it up or not.

Wealth, family background, and financial stability make him materialistic over his feelings. Therefore, he is just convincing you that he loves you. But can’t leave her girlfriend.

Doesn’t love you just keep you on my side

Some human behaviors also indicate that a person just keeping you aside and playing with your feelings. He is never going to leave her girlfriend.  Flirt nature and unnecessary closeness can make you feel happy that your boyfriend loves you a lot. But in reality, he is cheating on you, playing with your emotions by expressing his love.

Ask him to leave her girlfriend if he really loves you.  You must keep a distance from such a guy until he makes a clear declaration about you in front of everyone.

Do you love him?

Do you love him?

You must first analyze yourself. Do you love your boyfriend, who is still committed to his ex-girlfriend? He is not ready to make any constructive steps to end his relationship and keep you aside as well.

If you love such a guy then there is no question of compromising on your love. Ask him if we both love each other, why this third person is standing between us.

Love is blind and selfish. Accepting reality is difficult sometimes. Loving a flirt or cheater will bring you emotionally down. But better than being in a fool’s paradise.


In the 20th century, love is everywhere. The teenagers are expressing their love at school levels and others at their level best. So this makes things quite difficult and results in different relationship scenarios. One of them is under discussion “he loves me but has a girlfriend”. Just read these five facts and analysis them in your daily life. I hope you will find the best solution for your life ahead.

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